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  1. HI, After the installation of Norton, I suppect that all your ports including the port 497 had been closed, you should then follow the Retrospect technote about windows xp sp2 to open the port 497 for Retrspect.
  2. Hi, Could someone helps here?
  3. Hi, All your automatic scripts will start eventhough the proactiv script is activ or not.
  4. Hi, The first thing I could ask you to do would be to download the Retrospect version 6.5.350 from the dantz website.
  5. hi, check your tape drive properties in retrospect and you could change the interval.
  6. Hi, Check your Energy saver in the control panel and set it up to "never turn off the hard drive". Regards,
  7. I created a selector named nembot, When I clicked the selector named "Nembot Selector" with the Right Mouse Button and then clicked "Check Selector", I got a screen which shows me all my HD's. When I then select my local C:\ drive it start scanning all files and maps on my disk, but once it finishes the program reports this error: Error In selector, error -2301 (selector to deep or circular)
  8. Could someone helps me to solve this error 2301(Selector too deep or circular ) I'm having with my selector? Thanks in advance.
  9. when could we expect to have this on windows side?
  10. Hi, Is your computer rebooting when you plug in a USB device? Run a windows update or install drivers to support USB2 high speed devices. Cheers,
  11. It's always better to erase the tapes prior to the recycle backup.
  12. so it's good to troubleshoot all areas on the backup device.
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