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  1. Hi, Check if you have the latest driver for your USB or Firewire device. Thanks
  2. Hi, Go in your script and click on "schedule" then click "Add">"single date" in the action window, select "recycle backup", then the recycle will take place at the scheduled time. Thanks.
  3. Hi, To boot in save mode, you have to hit the key F5 while the computer is booting. Thanks.
  4. Hi, Just uninstall all(maxtor and retrospect), make sure you follow all instruction in the manuel and reinstall both according to the manual. Thanks.
  5. Hi, If you don't want retrospect to control that device, open retrospect , configure>devices>Environment and right click on the device ID then select "ignore". Thanks,
  6. Hi, Where could I have a fix for my problem: "Can’t see Backup Devices when Nvidia nForce4 RAID drivers are installed" ? This is a known issue with retrospect 7.0 but I don't know the link to download the fix. Thanks.
  7. Hi, There is no problem on the media for I'm able to restore correctly from that media, the only issue is on the calendar's appointments.Any the customer wants me to find a definitive way to restore all his backups in the future. I'll always let you know if a new problem occurs. Thanks,
  8. Hi, -Is it then possible to backup more than one terabyte on a single partion with retrospect 7.0? -What is the maximal lengh of a file name that retrospect supports? (could retrospect backup a file which the name is 128 characters long?) Cheers
  9. Hi I made on another site the backup and restoration of exchange without any problems, so what would I be awared of in order for me to avoid this issue to happen again? Thanks
  10. Hi, Which retrospect version, Operating system,......?
  11. Hi Sir, By reading your message, I'm a bit confuse, the current version of retrospect is 7.0.326 not 7.0.9... So please uninstall retrospect by using the installation CD, then reinstall retrospect, launch it and enter your license code, make sure that you OS recognizes the USB2 device. In your next message give us the error message you got.
  12. Hi, Yes if you do it you can restore.This is the best way.
  13. Hi, If you have the same brand of CD/DVD drive on your second PC as on the first, you could restore.
  14. Hi, Which version of retrospect are you using? 7.0.326?
  15. Hi, Is your first computer(the one you backed up) identic to the second one(the one you're restoring) by hardware view?
  16. Hi, Check this: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=6000&p=2
  17. Hi, You can't delete some files from the earlier backup sets manually from the hard drive.If you do so you won't be able to restore using those backup sets, the only way to freed space on your target is to do a recycle backup or to upgrade to retrospect 7.0 which has a grooming function that could be usefull for you to determine how many GB you want to allow to a particular backup set on your hard drive.
  18. Hi, The disaster recovery add on is included in retrospect pro for the local computer.Download the version 7.0.326 and make a full backup of your bootable hard drive, you'll then be able to do a DR of that drive.
  19. Hi, I managed to do a new backup with a new backup set, then restored and got my calendar back as it was but I still couldn't get my first calendar as it was.My Customer is now asking me wether I can retrieve the calendar or not. Thank you for your input I'll probably close the deal with that company as I can't sort this out.
  20. Hi, I'd suggest you to check both, the retrospect compatibility list and the manufacturer manual about the write speed.
  21. Hi, Is the backup media available at the time of "comparison"?
  22. Hi, What was then the issue? Hadn't you installed Retrospect as yet the first time?
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