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  1. Hi, Thank you for the UIR feature. Thanks,
  2. Hi, Do you have the exchange add-on? Are you using a file backup set? Thanks,
  3. Hi, Thank you for that new feature, we've been asking for it for ages.When will we have the same feature on the Mac side? Thanks,
  4. Hi, Retrospect only performs a compression in software but as the hardware compression is most powerfull, the software compression is disable when the hardware compression is on. You'll never have 320GB data on a tape here.The compression rate depends on the type of data you're backing up;Check with your hardware manufacturer on how to increase the compression rate. Thanks,
  5. Hi, Make sure that your script is no scheduled to do a recycle backup instead of the incremental backup.Please check the user's guide about the difference between all that. Thanks,
  6. Hi, To be completely sure that you could restore, the best thing would be to backup the .pst file where you store your mailboxes as well. Thanks,
  7. Hi, With retrospect express you can't backup to a network drive since retrospect express is a light version.You'll have to upgrade to a full version of retrospect. Thanks,
  8. Hi, If you want to exclude one or some files from your backup, you could create a selector;Check the user's guide from page 269 on how to do so. Thanks,
  9. Hi, Could someone help me about solving the error -1221 during SQL server Backup? Retrospect 7.0 Thanks.
  10. Hi, Could you guys please try to test a restoration with retrospect? I'm having lot of errors with exchange restoration and the documentation about exchange isn't rich on your website. Thanks,
  11. Hi, How is your tape drive connected to the computer? Could you add the new tape as member of your tape backup set? Thanks,
  12. Hi, Yes it could be that the tape drive is dying but before you change the drive, please try a new usb cable and maybe a new usb card.Check that your usb driver is up to date as well. Thanks,
  13. Hi, The way retrospect writes on CD is different from one device to another, so, if your contents are unrecognized, you'll have to restore them using your old device then back them up again with your new CD device. Thanks,
  14. Hi, Make sure that the SP on your CD is the same that you're running on your computer:If you're on SP2 on your computer, you should then provide a SP2 CD. Thanks,
  15. Hi, update your OS and check if you could see that HDD in windows explorer, if yes, just restart your computer. Thanks,
  16. Hi, First download the installer on your internal hard drive then launch the installation from that installer. Thanks,
  17. Hi, It's not possible to select more than one snapshot to forget, you should select them one by one. Thanks.
  18. Hi, For sure there is something going wrong in your previous selector. Thanks.
  19. Hi, On Retrospect 7.0 Multi-server, the disaster recovery option is an Add-on, so you'll have to buy it. Thanks.
  20. Hi, Carefully check your selector and for sure you'll find that you're doing something wrong, otherwise make a screenshot of your selector and post it here. Thanks.
  21. Hi, Check your backup media (destination), you should have Retrospect files there. Thanks.
  22. Hi, I strongly recommend that when Retrospect asks to select a new disk, please do so.I've got the same issue and some time only by selecting the same disk with enough space on it, retrospect went through and backed up fine.Don't forget that the file system here has to be on NTFS. Thanks,
  23. Hi Herb, Could you please download and install a trial Retrospect 7.0 single server or multi-server? This will surely solve your issue. Thank you.
  24. Hi, If you were doing backup, you couldn't be able to open files within the backup set.Eventhough, if those files are on the Retrospect format(A00000001.rbc), I do not advice to delete at least one of them for you'll need them all when trying to restore. Thank you.
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