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  1. Hi, If you want to use your CD/DVD device while running retrospect, open retrospect and go to "configure>device" and right-click on the CD/DVD device then click on "ignore". Thanks,
  2. Hi, Probably the recovery cd you have doesn't have the entire windows OS.Thus you can't create a disaster recovery cd using it but don't worry for that you could anyway do a live restore in case of crash, that means that if you have a crash, you'll have to install your OS and retrospect manually then restore the entire system from your backup media. Thanks,
  3. Hi, It's the right way, you don't need to create a backup set for each day but you do need 2 backup sets for your 2 weeks rotation.So you create a script with your source and 2 destinations(backup set 1 and 2); In your schedule you send the backup to backup set 1 during the first week(monday through friday) with "recycle" in the action area, then you do the same for the second week but here you backup to backup set 2. Thanks,
  4. Hi, uninstall Retrospect, check that you're installing the version 6.0 on your mac and try again. Be aware that you can't install express on a server OS. Thanks,
  5. Hi, If you have the receipt(copy of the invoice) of your hard drive, you should contact the customer Service of Retrospect to get a code.(I'm not quit sure if they are still doing that but that's how I solved that issue 2 years ago with retrospect 6.0 express)
  6. Hi, I got the same 3 months ago and uninstalled that client then reinstalled the client 7.0 and it's working fine since then. Thanks,
  7. Hi, If you recreated your catalog successfully, then you should be able to see the other partitions in the backup set "snapshot".Make sure that the backup set you recreated contains all the three partitions otherwise try recreating all the backup sets you have on your external backup hard disk. Thanks,
  8. Hi, I think that you should definitely go on Microsoft web site and search for a solution about VPN over there. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Yes you could create a new database in SQL and restore in that new database but be aware that you have some personal problem by confusing table names in the new database with the ones in use. Thanks,
  10. Hi, is this a backup of the entire exchange server container? Have you un and relicensed the exchange agent? Thanks,
  11. Hi, If you only have one script, then check that you have 2 backup sets as destinations, check as well that your script schedule specified to which backup set you want to send your backup each day. Thanks,
  12. Hi, Check under the "BACKUP" link if you could see "Disaster Recovery" Thanks,
  13. Hi, I really don't know if they support windows web server :-) Thanks,
  14. Hi, 1/ NO 2/ I don't know but it's strange 3/ You could see it only by checking the capacity of your source in windows explorer.In retrospect you could only check which file/folder you backed up from which client. 4/ Open retrospect Configure>Preferences>security then select "Always run retrospect as a specified user" and fill the boxes with an Admin user name and password and the domain name then validate by clicking OK. Please have a look in the Retrospect User's guide. Thanks,
  15. Hi, As a walk around, you could erase your tapes manually prior to the recycle backup.Check if your device is fully supported. Thanks,
  16. Hi, I don't think you could relocate the catalog, you could recreate a new catalog but I'm advising you to keep your catalog where it is now and make a backup or a copy of that catalog instead of relocating it. Thanks,
  17. Hi, Yes it's possible to move Retrospect to that computer, check how to do so from the page 272 of the user's guide. Thanks,
  18. nembot

    NTFS errors

    Hi, Check if both (internal and external) hard drives are on NTFS. Thanks,
  19. Hi, 1/Yes you do have to rebuild your DR CD. 2/No it's the same for all versions. Thanks,
  20. Hi, Start a new retrospect installation and in a next window, you'll be asked to select between "Repair" and "remove", you then select remove, when it's done, search for retrospect and dantz on your hard drive and delete the result. Thanks,
  21. Hi, It seems that you're not connected with the user's name that installed retrospect on this computer, if you think that you are, please go in Configure>Preferences>security and check "always run retrospect as a specified user" then put that user name who installed retrospect and his password and the domain name or the computer name if you're not in a domain. Thanks,
  22. Hi, Could you please tell us which edition of retrospect you have?(Pro, single server,....) Thanks.
  23. Hi, Which edition of retrospect are you using, I think that you need at least a single server edition. Thanks,
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