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  1. Hi, Could you try a new backup using a new backup set then try to restore it? If this works you should probably do a new manual configuration using the same brand of cd as the older ones. Thanks.
  2. Hi, As soon as you create a disk or file backup set locate on your external hard drive as detion of your backup script, Retrospect will then performs the backup automatically. Thanks,
  3. Hi, Your old password is probably saved in the server, I know that I'm ridiculous saying this but you should think about reinstalling the Retrospect server as final option. Good luck,
  4. Hi, If you don't have a disaster recovery CD for your computer, you'd then have to do what you said: -reload 2003 -reload Retrospect -rebuild catalogs -then restore system state and the C drive Thanks.
  5. Hi, Unload the disk from the ZIP, then click on configure>volumes and then on put the disk in the ZIP, it should show up here and you can perform the restore. Thanks.
  6. Hi, The password here is probably case sesitive, so carefully check your password, otherwise go in the client's property under configuration>client and set up a new password. Thanks.
  7. Hi, The password here is probably case sesitive, so carefully check your password, otherwise go in the client's property under configuration>client and set up a new password. Thanks,
  8. Hi, Are up to date with the software? http://www.emcinsignia.com/en/supportupdates/updates/retrospect/current/?region=8 Thanks,
  9. Hi, Could you try to copy that file to another location and back it up again? Thanks,
  10. Hi, According to this technote: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=6227&p=2 Retrospect only sends e-mail notification on Mac OS 9. Does this mean that we can't receive e-mails on Mac OS X? Thanks,
  11. Hi, For 1) retrospect will compare what you have in the target (retrospect folder) and what you're backing up;so retrospect won't backup the same file again.
  12. Hi, The problem is definitely either on the NIC or on the NIC slot.
  13. Hi, Retrospect is able to manage your disk space automatically according to your specifications during the disk backup set creation. Thanks,
  14. Hi, Retrospect is fully compatible with TS but I think here that you're on an really old version of retrospect.Could you download and try the version 7.5 for 45 days from their website? Thanks,
  15. Hi, You definately need Administrator privileges for both(install and run Retrospect).In order to run Retrospect without having such errors, check the user's guide, it states that you need those privileges.
  16. Hi, retrospect will do incremental backup since the full backup was done, you thus definately need the add on. Thanks,
  17. Hi, http://www.emcinsignia.com/supportupdates/technical/retrospect/device/ Thanks,
  18. Hi, http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5417&p=2 Thanks,
  19. Hi, When I try to register SQL server in retro 7.0 sbs on win 2003 sbs, I have the following error: MapError: unknown Windows error -2,147,221,504 Please help.
  20. Hi, Have you checked that the device's drivers are all installed? are you on Retrospect 7.5.285? Are you using your old backup sets?(created on DLT 40GB). Try a brand new backup set with a new tape, this should give you a clear estimation. Thanks,
  21. Hi, I think that the link above should be updated to this: http://kb.dantz.com/article.asp?article=5566&p=2 In order to know which Linux or Unix softwares are supported. Thanks,
  22. Hi, I've used Retrospect multiserver 7.5 trial on a dual core intel CPU without problems, In order for you to be sure, just download a trial version from their home page. Thanks,
  23. Hi, Could you please be clear about what you want to achieve and what you did? (just tell us exactely what you want to achieve) Someone here will then for sure help. Thanks,
  24. Hi, It's possible to backup your SBS as a client from another computer where your backup device is connected, you then don't need absolutely to have retrospect SBS but you need Retrospect multiserver or Retrospect single server with a server client add on. IT'S POSSIBLE TO DO WHAT YOU DESCRIBED HERE. Thanks,
  25. Hi, I never saw this but I'll give a try.
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