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  1. just got a notice from Google titled "On May 30, you may lose access to apps that are using less secure sign-in technology". this is the account i use to send me email notifiers from Retrospect. I don't think the settings in Retrospect allow doing what they ask. here is there document describing solutions. <https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/6010255> how am i supposed to do this? do you need to change something in Retrospect.
  2. OSX 10.8.2, multiple boot volumes, 500 GB + of stuff. i normally run from a standard account. i installed from an admin account, watied over an hour for the initial scan to complete. then i logged into the standard account and the whole scan seemed to repeat again. the scan repeated when i restarted. it also seemed to scan my time machine backup disk and the backup disk. i was seeing repeated slowdowns while in normal use. i disabled the scan process by doing the unload mentioned in the "advanced options" and removing the plist from the LaunchDaemons folder.
  3. I created a backup script just to do the USB stick carryon4A and the mounted dmg. the backup script runs fine and runs before the proactive script. the sources are still mounted. Just the running of the proactive script, which has neither carryon4A nor the mounted dmg checkmarked as a source, causes carryon4a to get marked with a tilde. i saw this series of events happen in the console.
  4. oh, and just to square the circle (see the problem this started with)-- if you do this again and get carryon4a with the tilde, try to remove it from the sources list. if you can, then see if you can never see it again in retrospect.
  5. Hallalujah. i think your set up mirrors mine. my log for carryon4A sometimes shows a -1102 error and sometimes not. did you see that error? that's different. usually stop and start clears it for me.
  6. also true, though i have tried it on a clean config on the same mac. OK. just tried this on a mac mini. OSX 10.6.4. retrospect 8.2. 01) used the old USB stick, with the dmg on it. used the rule excluding backup of the file. 02) ran a backup script with the sources as the USB stick and the mounted dmg (which is read write). ran fine. 03) ran a proactive script with the same 2 sources. carryon4A failed with -1102 (unavailable). it is now marked with a tilde. can someone try to reproduce this?
  7. yes. also true, though i have tried it on a clean config on the same mac.
  8. No. the theory is a work in progress. when i rebuilt, i used the 8.2 base.
  9. No. because it is what happened. i changed the stick about a month before going to 8.2.
  10. i don't know if it's been mentioned before. my feeling is that they don't matter but at this point i don't know what matters. i ran a test using a proactive script against a file set which just has the new stick in it. it failed, so that may not be relevant either. i have run a proactive script with just the stick in it. it fails. the dmg is pretty much always mounted.
  11. yes it does. i created the manual backup script from scratch.
  12. OK, I'm trying this. the proactive backup just failed. so whether it was a duplicated versus a new proactive script does not matter.
  13. backup failed overnight with volume unavailable message. OK, I'm trying this. do not believe this is the source of the problem. earlier in this thread, i mentioned that i had to do a complete rebuild of retrospect. for the script to be corrupt requires it being corrupted on two different occasions. not impossible, but i certainly hope retrospect is not that fragile. not true. for the last few tests yesterday, the console was open. whether the console is open or not has no impact on this problem. My present theory for making this happen-- 01) needs OS X 10.6.4, retrospect 8.1, 2 USB sticks maybe of same size. external firewire device 02) put a couple of things on stick A, including a dmg. 03) create a rule in retrospect to exclude the dmg file from backup. 04) create a backup file on external firewire device. 05) run a proactive backup of stick A and the mounted dmg. 06) copy all the files to stick B. unmount stick A. rename stick B to same name as stick A. unmount and remount in same port stick A was in. change the proactive script to back up the new stick A. 07) upgrade retrospect to 8.2. 08) run the proactive backup.
  14. Yes. No. Interesting thing is the first time i did this, i forgot to do two manuals first, just did one. i duplicated the proactive script, set the single source in it, then set the time so it would run. It failed with volume unavailable. however, stopping and starting the engine would not make the volume available. i had to remove it out of the original proactive script, stop and start again. then the volume was available for manual backup. since the sticks don't matter, have put the new one back, this time with a different name. retrospect seems to know though it has seen this one before. instead of two unavailable entries for "carryon4A", there is one unavailable, probably for the old stick, and one available for "Carryon4D".
  15. stopped and started engine. ran manual backup. remember this is on old stick. it ran fine. changed proactive to allow runs as of 03:10. proactive scrkpts have kicked off. carryon4a received error -1102 (missing/unavailable). drive is now marked with a tilde.
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