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  1. I hope some-one may be able to assist me. I am in the process of transitioning from Retrospect desktop version 5 to version 6, on a Mac G4 Dual processor, mirror doors, OS 10.3.8. I've been using Retrospec for many years, on different computers, and building several large archives & upgrading to each new version as it becomes available. This time I'm having problems. I purchased the upgrade to v6 a while back but did not install until this week (No time - upgrading system etc). I installed v6 on my main internal drive with OS 10.3.8, previous version 5 is on external (Lacie firewire) drive. I copied all my catalogues into the default "User/documents" folder. and proceeded to configure the catalogues as instructed in the User Manual - select all, open etc. Multiple config dialogs - error messages - crash! Read manual again - remove config6 file, reboot, repair permissions, run Onxy full suite. Start v6, opens fine, looks good, go to Configure/ modify back-up set/select one catalogue - everything OK Go to immediate/restore/search for file/select/preview/ start restore - two or three files checked then error "Trouble in Retrospect Internal Consistency check failed - assertion check at 'elem.c-811' " Checked listing of error codes, found the cryptic " This tyce not installed yet" - in the WINDOWS?? codes I have repeated this process several times - not completely consistent, some catalogues seem OK (all are read only now) a couple are not accessable at all (even by version 5) I'm in the rather tedious process of rebuilding the dead catalogues from disks (20 CDs each!!!) Sorry for thelong winded post but, I would appreciate any suggestions/comments as to how I might get V6 operating as intended
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