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    Multiple cards

    Results of my tests so far, even with special exceptions on Port 497 (TCP and UDP) and the Retrospect .exe in Windows Firewall: 1) With Windows Firewall dropped, the Retrospect Server can see the remote client. 2) With Windows Firewall on, one network card works perfectly. 3) With Windows Firewall on, all Port 497 traffic is being dropped (Windows Firewall log enabled) from the second network card. Even with the exceptions explicitly enumerated for that card. Even with Windows Firewall supposedly turned off for that card (in Advanced). Any further ideas? Thanks for the ideas so far. Dwane aldrich@u.washington.edu
  2. Windows Server 2003 Multi Server 6.5 Two network cards I have a machine with two network cards, (different IP addresses) as my backup server, accessing some clients through each of the cards. This has worked fine until I installed SP1 just recently, and Windows Firewall got activated. Now, I cannot see clients through one of the cards (the other card still works great, and the firewall is correctly configured to let Retrospect through). Dropping Windows Firewall allows access again through both cards. However, I am interested in keeping the ffirewall active. Anyone know what to do to be able to see clients through both cards again? (I've tried lots of different experiments with reconfiguring the firewall, but nothing seems to work.) Thanks for any insight. Dwane aldrich@u.washington.edu
  3. I'm looking for the source and correction of the following error message: inter Retrospect [3302]: connTcpConnection: invalid code found: 111 in /var/log/messages. It appears on every machine, every time they are backed-up. Fedora Core 3 Retrospect client 6.5 Thanks for any insight. Dwane aldrich@u.washington.edu