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  1. Nope, I didn't see any 'Preview' anything,,,
  2. Sooo... where is this magical 'Preview' button/function? Anyone? Anyone? .... Bueller....?
  3. In Retrospect Preferences, select E-Mail, then check "Send e-mail for failure and Media requests"
  4. Yes - does anyone at Dantz know if a Linux ( Red Hat/Ubuntu/Fedora/etc. ) double click Client installer ever be built?
  5. Ahhh.... so. Looks like I must just keep upping the number of backups till I hit the end of a disk, then back it off... Thanks.
  6. Is there any way to determine how many backups have been done? That is, if I tell a script that I want it to backup to say 10 backups to a set, then groom, is there a way to look at the backups to determine how many backups have been done? This would be useful for determining how many backups to assign to a given size of Disk... Then one could set the grooming to 10 on a 500GB Disk, then look to see how many backups have been done, and calculate ( perhaps only roughly ) how many more backups can be assigned ( 10 now, huh? Looks like I could up it to 50! ), before it starts auto grooming... Anyway, is there any way to peek inside Retrospect Media Set to see how many have been done at any given point? jeff
  7. Email notification works just fine for me ( in test mode anyway ), but does not 'stick' when Retro is quit. Kinda pita to re-enter all info every time... Is this known bug or just me? Retro 8.1.148
  8. Yesss, I posted in the wrong form ( oops! ) Yes, running 10.5.6, Quad G5, 6.1.230. Currently backing to multiple HD's, but would like to get the data off a few of the tapes still laying atound. I guess that if I just re-create the catalog files to a hard drive, and keep Retrospect around, I ought to be able to peruse the data on the HD, and then copy a file I might be looking for to a different HD... gonna give that a try... Any way I would like to have on HD the moral equivilent of what I have now ( by way of copying from tape ->HD ) as to what I have now by running Retospect to current HD's... Doable?
  9. I have switched to hard drives for all backups now and it is working wonderfully. My question is that I wish to sell/give away my tape setup ( AIT II 4 slot Library and the Mac that connects to it ) - but I would like to xfer all my tapes to another ( prolly several ) to external storage hard drive(s) for long term storage. Can I do this ( read the old tape data ) within Retrospect, or do I need to get some software to be able to mount the tapes in the finder, and copy the data off to HD. But then, will I be able to read the Retrospect data from from/through Retrospect from the copied data...? I have Retro 6.1.230 jeff clark
  10. I must be missing something, as I see no way to import my OS9 scripts into OSX. Must I REALLY create all new scripts for each backup set? Besides all the work, it just seems silly. I have searched the board and found no answers to this question. jeff clark
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