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  1. Has this issue been resolved yet? I just started trying to backup a drive in the same way as the original poster describes, and I'm seeing the same behavior. I have Retrospect 5.0.205 running on X.2.3, backing up to an AFP filesystem on a X.2.4 machine.
  2. As of about a week ago I'm experiencing exactly the same problem you describe. Occasionally it all works fine, but this evening, e.g., I have rebooted and re-run Retrospect about 6 times to no avail - every time it hung while scanning devices. The "ATAPI B" scan takes about a minute, and then it hangs on "Firewire A". Normally, both complete in the blink of an eye. Apple System Profiler also hangs if Retrospect is hung. Power cycling the tape drive has made no difference. I upgraded my Mac to 10.1.5. on 6/10, a few days before the problem began to manifest itself, but the first few runs of RD after the upgrade worked fine. I can't figure out what might have changed to start this happening. My config is: Mac G4 450MHz OS X version: 10.1.5 Device: Ecrix VXA-1 Firewire, firmware V2B7B Retrospect Desktop 5.0.205 I have a few other devices on the system (an external Firewire hard drive and a CDRW, a Nikon slide scanner hanging off an Adaptec 2930 SCSI adapter, and various USB devices). However, none of these have changed recently. I will try removing the CDRW to see if makes any difference. I cannot remove the hard drive, as that is the OSX boot device.
  3. I had problems, and they are now solved. I was using a SCSI VXA-1 and Adaptec 2930U (latest versions of firmware, BIOS, driver, etc.) and seeing backups hang after around 1GB (this is under X/RD5.0, latest of each). Everything appeared to be working fine with the same setup under 9.0.2/RD4.3, but upon further investigation found that it was not: my backups would not verify. (I had been running with verify off for ~1yr.) I was seeing ~200 verify errors in a 20GB dump. Ecrix replaced the drive, thankfully with a Firewire version. All works fine now: both 9.0.2/4.3 and X/5.0. 5.0 has the annoying pause behavior, but at least it completes and verified. It'd be great if the pauses were eliminated, but I can live with this for now. Lessons learned: 1. If anyone ever writes a decent backup program for MacOS I will drop Retrospect like a hot potato. A working UNIX dump/restore would be a godsend. 2. I'm never going to get a SCSI device for a Mac again. Firewire is the way to go. PS Waveman, your persistence in trying to get answers to these problems is much appreciated, at least by me.
  4. I absolutely agree! Halving the backup speed to improve integrity in the face of rare-to-nonexistent failures is a dubious tradeoff (and, it doubles the amount of time during which such a failure could occur). Please, please, give us the option to run at full speed!
  5. For the record, my machine is a G4/450 AGP Tower. My problem is now solved, but no thanks to Dantz. I first pursued the problem with Adaptec, who tried very hard to locate the cause. After making sure I had the latest driver installed, they suggested I get the latest VXA-1 firmware (which I already had) and then mailed me, at no charge, the latest BIOS EPROM for the 2930 (v4.3), but the problem remained. During my investigations I discovered that even under my "working" configuration (MacOS9.0.2/RD4.3) my backups would not verify (I hadn't been running with verification for a year) - I was getting around 200 verify errors in a 20GB backup. I am still mystified how this can occur, giving the much-touted read-after-write head arrangement on the VXA-1. After explaining the problem, Ecrix offered to exchange the drive (thank heavens for 3-year warranties). Even more fortunate, they had no SCSI VXA-1s in stock, so offered me a Firewire model. Since installing that, I have had no problems. Backups run smoothly and verify under both 9.0.2/4.3 and X/5.0; however they are twice as fast under 9.0.2/4.3, streaming continuously (whereas under X there is a pause every minute or so for about 10s). I am still no wiser as to the cause of the problems with the SCSI adapter and tape drive. It is clearly Dantz's responsibility to fix this: they are the only vendor doing certification of machine/adapter/device/software configurations, and if a particular combination does not work they should be providing real assistance, instead of asking for money before even responding. I wonder if _anybody_ has this particular configuration working. The support options are ridiculous. I came within a hair's breadth of returning my software and getting my money back. I am under no circumstances going to pay for support for a product which has never worked for me. If Apple had provided support for SCSI tapes under the BSD personality (i.e., if the appropriate device entries appeared in /dev) I would have used the UNIX dump/restore in preference to Retrospect any day. It's too bad Dantz has a monopoly on the Mac backup market - they seem to be behaving ever more like monopolists, producing poorer products and inferior support. Wake up Dantz! All it will take is one decent competitor to take your market.
  6. BTW, I've also been pursuing this issue with Adaptec. Here's their reply. I tried removing all the extraneous drivers as they suggest, but it made no difference. Greetings, Confirm that the only driver for the 2930 is as follows. Adaptec290x-2930.kext This file can be found under the System\Library\Extensions folder, and is version 1.1. If you do not have this file please download it from the link provided below. http://www.adaptec.com/worldwide/support/driverdetail.html?cat=/Product /APD-2930U&filekey=apd2930_X_v11.hqx Please note that these drivers will need to be removed from OS9, prior to installing the new driver these drivers cannot be removed while under OSX. Below is a list of drivers that you will find in the System \ Library \ Extensions folder of OSX. Adaptec29160x.kext Adaptec39160.kext Adaptec78xxscsi.kext Adaptec2906-2930.kext These drivers will all be beta drivers. These should be removed from the folder. Once removed confirm that the only driver that is installed for the 2930 under OSX is version 1.1. Additional items that you may want to check are as follows. Termination: The tape drive should be terminated if it is the last or the only device on the SCSI bus. SCSI ID: The ID of the tape drive should be set to an ID that is free. In other words no two devices should share the same id. (Quick note, by default the 2930CU are set at the factory to ID 7 and should not be changed.) Connections: The 2930CU has a 50-pin High-Density connector and will only accept devices with also have a 50-pin connector or lower. 68-pin devices are not supported on this adapter. Please confirm that your tape device is not a 68-pin device. ^8-pin to 50-pin converters are also not supported. If your device is a 68-pin device then you will need to change the 2930 for a 29160. If you have any other questions or require additional assistance please feel free to write us back or call us at 408-934-7274. Adaptec Technical Support.
  7. Thanks for the suggestion, but all devices are 50 pin. I don't think it's a hardware problem, because it all functions flawlessly under MacOS9.0.4 and RD 4.3.
  8. I can't get 5.0 Desktop to work with my Ecrix VXA-1 and Adaptec 2930 (the combo works fine with 4.3 under MacOS 9.0.4). I have the Adaptec 1.1 driver. Symptom is that backups hang after some number of GB written (doesn't consistently fail at the same point) or I get "error 102: trouble communicating". It's also much slower than under OS9. Suggestions welcomed.
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