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  1. I agree ^


    Also, in the selector you can specify to backup folders with the archive bit is set on the file/folder.. if you can write a script to find the names of folders, then you can equally make a script to set the archive bit on them?






            SubSubFolderA1a (archive set)







            SubSubFolderB1a (archive set)




            SubSubFolderB2b (archive set)



  2. If you never want to back up data on additional drives (i.e. mounted USB sticks or external drives), then you can set the Volumes tab in the client config to "Selected Volumes" and select C: drive (or others if they have multuple partitions). Then, the selector will not scan any disk/partition other than the one (or more) chosen.


    I use that method to avoid scanning OEM rebuild partitions on some laptops (i.e. HP/Lenovo ones).


    Hope that helps..



  3. Yeah I've upgraded.. looks and behaves much the same really. I think 8.5 just added better VMware features and Exchange 2013 support really.


    Not really had any crashing problems with 8.2 or 8.5.. though for some weird reason my clients are not seeing the backup history in the tab!? (I have rebuilt the server from scratch and it still doesn't work right!)


    I even groomed some backup sets today without ANY problems!



  4. Hi - anyone else seeing an error when trying to install the 8.2 Client? I made the mistake of pushing the client update via the RS Server, which broke half the server installs on our network. Now I'm trying to manually get them all working and I'm seeing a "Error 2753. The File 'retfwset.exe' is not marked for installation."


    This stops the install dead, so now I'm kinda stuck. Installing the 8.1 client also fails..


    Has anyone else seen this?



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  5. Ah right, maybe a different issue then. For some reason, my RS server complains it can't find the backup set *very* occasionally and no matter what I do it won't accept the location I browse to. Yet (!) I can still look at snapshots and even copy data from it to a new backup set - very weird.


    Anyway, still rebuilding my server 8 hours later as RS kept crashing when I exported the Selectors, so some corrupted and I'm having to rebuild the most complicated ones by hand (which is painful after several years of maturing).


    Ah well... it does seem a *little* better at repairing the catalogs now :) I'll see how 8.2 goes when battered tomorrow.



  6. Personally, although it's going to involve pain... I'd scrap 7.7 and rebuilt 8.1 from scratch (and I mean clear out all log/configuration folders). I upgraded from 7.7 to 8.0, then had huge problems, so rebuilt my config, then upgraded to 8.1 beta.. had problem and rebuild the configuration again, then upgraded to 8.1 'official' and am still having problems. I've had enough to rebuilding my backup system now and it's about time Retrospect fixed this ongoing config file corruption problem or provided a tool to repair it.


    I'm now seeing things like clients not being able to see when they were last backed up, can't restore or see logs of previous backups etc. Grooms fails, constantly asking me to rebuild them and I get random network connection errrors making backups fail.



  7. I see this too in RS 8.1 Multi Server. :( In fact, my laptop is 'stuck there' right now with another user's.


    My laptop backup kicked off at 10am today and has been sat at 'Building Snapshot' for several hours now - blocking any other proactive backups for this backup set.


    My logs show:


    + Normal backup using All Staff PST Backups at 18/04/2013 10:00 (Execution unit 3)

    To Backup Set PSTBackups...


    - 18/04/2013 10:00:08: Copying Local Disk (C:) on Richard Thorrington (T500 W7)


    ..and that's it.


    The other user logs says:



    + Normal backup using General Staff Backups at 17/04/2013 10:52 (Execution unit 2)

    To Backup Set GenStaffBackups...


    - 17/04/2013 10:52:22: Copying Local Disk (C:) on Gavin Fisher (T400 W7 64bit)

    Using Instant Scan


    ..and that's it.



  8. I had the same thing after upgrading to 8.0 from 7.7. I ended up rebuilding the config (again) from scratch.. and then again when I installed the beta release of 8.1 which fixed some terrible grooming crashes.


    Now I'm on the official 8.1 release, my client GUIs complain they haven't been backed up in 100's of days (even though they have) and users cannot see history info via the client GUI either. Guess what? Support say I need to rebuild my config as it has become corrupt!!


    If Retrospect paid my company £500 each time I had to spend a couple of days rebuilding their software, I might not mind so much. As it happens they seem to think it's acceptable that their software can do this and we (end users) pick up the pieces.


    It's about time they created a config export tool, which would allow us to export the config (which would also do a corruption/fix process), then we could wipe and reapply all our settings quickly.



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