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  1. Hi all, this workaround doesn't work. I believe that the problem isn't a client probleme because the client version 6.5.x doesn't work too. My guess is, that there is a probleme in the server component or in the communication between client and server. We are waiting now for a statement from the dantz support. Thanks for your attention Bye Tom
  2. Hi all, i got an updated rcl file from the Dantz Support which contains an export command: 'export LANG=C' Momentary i don't know what 'LANG=C' effect but maybe this will fix the problem, i will report how it works. Bye Tom
  3. Hi waltr, yes this is what i searched. Thanks for it ;-) Bye Tom
  4. Hi Community, i remember that there was a problem to start the solaris client after a system reboot. there are some librarys which have to be linked by hand (ln -s ...). I cant find the manual, can anybody post a link to this howto, please. thx && bye Tom
  5. Hi natew, Thanks for your reply. How does affect this workaround (to modify the rcl script) the backup of the other volumes which are not encoded with an UTF-8 charset? Thre are many volumes on this server and only one is UTF-8 encoded. I think to define in the rcl script the charset en_US.ISO8859-1 is not the proper way, because this charset is already defined in solaris and i think retrospect take notice about the system settings. So i have to experience with a different charset (e.g. de_DE.UTF-8) wich is unknowned by the operatingsystem. So i fear that maybe the backup of the other volumes failed, cause the defined charset in retrospect does not match with the charset in what the other volumes are encoded. Or is there a possibility to define more than one charset in the rcl script? Anyway, how does the retrospect client works with a defined charset which is unknowned by the operatingsystem? Thanks for your attention Bye Tom
  6. Hi, thanks for your support, we are on standby ;-) Bye Tom
  7. Hi, sorry for my being late ;-) The default encoding set on the solaris machine is: LC_*=en_US.ISO8859-1; but before we udgraded retrospect there are no problems with this encoding set. A downgrade to the client version 6.5 we had already done, respectively we tested it before we upgrade the client with the same result. First we thought that the outdated version of the client is responsible for this error, but the following upgrade didn't solve the problem. Bye Tom
  8. Hi Community, after an upgrade our Retrospect Version 6.5 to 7.0.x, the backup of a solaris 8 machine failed with 60 Errors -1101 and more than 1.500 Warnings -1101 (File or Directory not found). It seems to me, that in any affected file are german Umlaute (äüö) involved, but in other volumes on the same machine, are files with german umlaute too and they will be backuped without any problems. Thre is only one volume affected by this problem. Before the update has been carried out, the backup was working well, without any errors or warnings. Can anybody help to fix this problem? Bye Pronto
  9. Hi waltr, yes that's the way it works and the output of the startscript (/etc/rc3.d/S99Retroclient) with the 'status' parameter shown a not running service and after i start the service the 'status'-flag shown an running service and also the new version was displayed - fine ;-) I was al little irritated, because last night i let the backup running under the old solaris client although the server has been already updated. And six from seven volumes made a perfekt backup but the last one terminated with 56 Errors. And each file which produced an error contains a german 'umlaut' (äüöß) but the first six volumes contains 'umlaute' too... ...anyway, tomorrow i will see what happen tonight ;-) Thx for your attention bye pronto
  10. Hi Community, after a update our Retropsect version 6.5 to 7.0.x we have to update a solaris (8) client (Backup agent) too. Can we do this with the client update package from the retrospect server? is after the update a reboot from the client machine required? Thanks & Bye Pronto
  11. Hi, yes my mistake, i misundestood the manual in this case. The recovery storage group obtain to a restore of a hole database and not a single mailbox. Thkx for your attention Bye pronto
  12. Hi, in this case, we can wate for the first mistake by missing mailboxes in the backup. We have more than one Mailbox exchange admins but nobody of them are backup operators. yesterday i had a call to dantz support in this case and they told me, that this feature will be placed in one of the next updates ;-) Thanks for your attention ;-) Bye Pronto
  13. Hi Community, when i add a new mailbox in exchange 2003, Retrospect does not backup this new mailbox automatically. When start the backup script manually after the new mailbox has been added, this new mailbox won't be backuped. Note: We updated Retrospect from Version 6.5 today and all listed and backuped Mailboxes in Retrospect has been added in the old version. The backupagentclient on the exchange server machine also has been updated and we also rebooted the excserver. As source for the backup we added the storagegroup container and the mailboxcontainer. Can anybody help? Bye Pronto Multiserver 7.0.249 (Update (
  14. Hi Community, i backup a exchange server 2003 with retrospect 7.0.249 (Update: and after a testrestore of a single mailbox, this restored mailbox will be placed in the working mailbox and not in the recovery storagegroup. The target database in the recovery storagegroup in exchange is not aktivated, maybe this is the reason. But when i try to acitivate the traget database in the recovery storage group before i start the restore, exchange give me a warning that maybe the transaction log becomes corrupt. Also Microsoft describes that a restore have to be placed in a not activated database. The recovery storagegroup does NOT appear in Retrospect! Can anybody help? Thx Pronto
  15. Hi Nate ok, I see what you mean. We have another problem with our tape transfer. As soon as the tape is full everything stops. All backup sets seem to be blocked because one set ran out of space. What can we do to avoid this, other than using more tapes. Why must we always restore the segments of a backup set after we did a manual recycle? Thx for your help. Pronto
  16. Hi, we are using Retrospect 6.5 MultiServer. The problem we are having is a complete stop of activity as soon as a backupset (transfer from disk to tape) has no more empty segments. Is it posible to set up a skript to automatically recycle a tape as soon as its full? Or do we need to upgrade to 7.0 to be able to recycle automatically? Thx to anyone who can give me a hint.
  17. Hi Forum, i got an error 1004 during backup a SQL-Server 2000/SP3a (on a Win2000 Server System). The workaround with the missing DLL (psapi.dll) is allready done but the error still remains. (#28032) Retrospect: 6.5.350 Can anybody help? Bye Tom
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