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  1. And report the results here please. I have or better had an open case over two years (!) with no solution. Plenty questions but no answers. I hope that the Roxio support do a better job than EMC. Bye Tom
  2. Hi Community, I installed the lates version of Retrospect 7.7 on a brand new server with Windows Server 2008 R2 with a brand new SAS attached storage with 12 SATA HDs in a Raid 6, but we have approximately the same speed as we had with the old system. Round about 1000MB/min (+/- 200MB/s). I thought that the network performance is the bottleneck but with using GBit adapters I have round about a load of 25%. The server who become backuped is brand new too and have also the same SAS attached 12 bay storage. Are there some tweaks to increase the performance? Thx & Bye Tom
  3. Hi Community, during a backup of a Windows Server 2008 R2, the system logs several error massages with error code 8194, source VSS. I've no idea whats going wrong. Anybody out there who had the same problem and a solution for this? Protokollname: Application Quelle: VSS Datum: 15.09.2010 22:09:31 Ereignis-ID: 8194 Aufgabenkategorie:Keine Ebene: Fehler Schlüsselwörter: Klassisch Benutzer: Nicht zutreffend Computer: ENTERPRISE-2.KASTNER.local Beschreibung: Volumeschattenkopie-Dienstfehler: Beim Abfragen nach der Schnittstelle "IVssWriterCallback" ist ein unerwarteter Fehler aufgetreten. hr = 0x80070005, Zugriff verweigert . Die Ursache hierfür ist oft eine falsche Sicherheitseinstellung im Schreib- oder Anfrageprozess. Thx & Bye Tom
  4. Jupp I edit my last posting in that direction but I can confirm, it works... Special Thanks & Bye Tom
  5. This articel refere to Retrospect Version 7.6, I've Version 7.7. Doesn't that matter? Edit one hour later: Anyway, it works... :-) Special Thanks & Bye Tom
  6. Hi Community, Backup Server OS: Windows 2003 SP2 Server (32 Bit) Retrospect Version: 7.7.325 (Hotfix: SQL Server OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 (64 Bit) SQL Server Version: 2008 R2 (64 Bit) Both Servers are Domain Member Servers. Problem: I can't configure a SQL Server item, the login failed with all three possibilities. Neither the current RBU Account, nor the SQL Authentication, nor the Domain Authentication works. A RBU Account exists and is a member of the Domain Admin Group. SQL Authentication with the sa Account also fails. And neither the Domain Admin Account, nor the RBU Account, nor the SQL Service Account (The account under which the SQL Services are running) works with the Domain Authentication. All three Accounts are member of the Domain Admin Group. The inbuild Windows Firewall is down on both servers. Help needed... Thx & Bye Tom
  7. Hi Robin, it seems that the download link (see link [1] below) is linked to the wrong setup file. If you klick on the link behind the string you will get a download page [2] for another setup file, maybe the driver update. If you klick the link behind the file size (77 MB) you will get another file called Retro_32-EN_7_7_325.exe. This seems to be the installer iteself but only for the english version. We have a german version. Can you tell me, where I can can get a Installer for our german system? Thx Tom [1] http://www.retrospect.com/supportupdates/updates/?path[]=updates [2] http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/articleDirect/index.asp?aid=9728&r=0.7502252
  8. Hi Robin, thanks for your attention. I downloaded the Setup file ru773102.exe. Is the value pack respectively the new version of Exchange agent and - more important at this time - the SQL Server agent included? Thx & Bye Tom
  9. Hi Community, with version 7.7 ist should be possible to backup a SQL Server 2008 R2 System. Is there something to pay attention if SQL Server and the Operating System is 64-Bit and the Backup Server is only 32-Bit? Thx & Bye Tom
  10. Hi Community, is there a problem to backup a 64-Bit Windows 2008 R2 machine on a 32-Bit Windows 2003 Backup Server? Thx & Bye Pronto
  11. Hi Community, is there a tutorial about the upgrade procedure from Multi Server (inlcuding Value Pack 7.6 to 7.7) available? Thx & Bye Pronto
  12. Hi Mayoff, Quote: Have you actually tried this? The whole point of the snapshots, etc. is to give you exactly what you backed up at the time of the restore. Have you tried to browse a snapshot to see if it is missing anything? Yes I have tried to browse a snapshot and yes, they are files missing. We installed three (!) complete new backup systems and we can reproduce this behavior on each installation. The first initial transfer contains exactly the same number of files such as the source backupset. In every following transfer we missed files. Quote: Retrospect uses the name, size, date, time, permissions, and sometimes path for matching. If everything is identical then why waste the media space by copying it again if it isn't needed. Okay, single item storing is a nice feature but Retrospect should at least shown *every* file in the graphical user interface of the backupset and in the snapshot respectively - but it didn't. And the number of files is in many case so different that I cannot believe that this number of files are multiple. We had transfers which are maybe 30% in size from the original server size. Try it, I'm sure that you can reproduce this behavior when you transfer a backupset and turned matching on (default settings). Please note, that the first transfer is okay but every following transfer in recycling mode will show this behavior. And you will see that you are missing files at least when you browse your backupset / snapshot. If the files will come back to the specific location when you restore this backupset I dont know, I didn't try this. Another question is, why Retrospect backup each file (never mind if multiple or not) during a normal backup session and leave multiple data aside only when the backupset became transfered to another one. Thanks for your attention Bye Pronto
  13. Hi, yes now we turnend matching off but I cannot see the sense of this feature. When I want to transfer a backupset - in recycling mode - I expect exactly the same content in the target backupset. What else is the meaning of a transfer? For example we have on a specific server a configuration batch file in multiple folders - hundredfold. Now we make a full backup of this server to disk, we can see this configuration file on each location where we expect it. Now we transfer this backupset to tape and after this the configuration file is missing - hundredfold. In this case it is very annoyed that we have to copy this file by hand to each specific location. In another case we have a system which contains multiple configuration files which became executed when a user logged on and if this file is missing the system is broken for this user - after a system crash and a restore was necessary. I cannot believe that this is a well functional feature, when I have a inconsistent system after restoring that from a full backup. What is the meaning of the recycling feature and a full backup, when Retrospect still backup files - maybe - or maybe not - without any control by the operator? I would expect that Retrospect ignore the matching, when a transfer is configured in recycling mode. Another problem we had, was that a user had an excel file two times on the same server. One time in his home directory and one time in his public folder. This excel file became broken and the user want a version of this file from the last week backup. He forgot that he copied this excel file to his public folder. We asked him where the file was stored and navigate to the specific location in the GUI of the tape backupset - but there is no excel file. In panic we searched for this file in the complete backupset an found it in his public folder but this cannot be the sense of a backup ... please you cannot see this seriously. In other words you should to refer about this in your user manual, that a recycling transfer is only than a recycling transfer, when matching is turned off or you have to change your default settings - whatever but normaly the system defaults shouldn't be inconsistent with one another. Bye Pronto
  14. hi community, can anybody verify if your number of data is different, when you compare the source backupset with the destination backupset after you transfer the backupsets in recycling mode with default settings in the script? By default the matching is turned on and in our destination backupset we miss a significant number of data. This behavior is the same in three autarkic installations. The EMC Support tells us, this is not a relevant failure but we disagree about this. In our optinion the destination backupset *must be* exactly the same as the source backupset after a transfer in recycling mode. Please check your results with care. Bye pronto
  15. Hi community, System: Retrospect Multi Server 7.5.385 / Driver Version: OS: W2K3SP2R2 Library: Tandberg T40 (LTO3) Problem: A scripted *recycling* transfer from a disk backup set to a tape backup set looses data without any error messages. For example we have a disk backup set from a server with ten volumes and a total size from round about 500GB (one full and several incremental backups). After the recycling transfer to the tape backup set, we have in fact in the tape backupset every Volume in the Snapshots but only one or two Volumes from the initial full backup in the single run history (sessions). The tape Backup set contains after the transfer only 10 to maybe 100 GB in size. Our first opinion for this problem was, that Retrospect ignores the "recycling" command an made a "normal" transfer instead but we cannot find any data on the tape, which would be there after a previous session. What is going wrong? Best regards Pronto
  16. Hi community, we would like tu backup our most important clients and the major question is, how retrospect deals with (open) Access MDB files. In that case we like to work with the proactive backup feature. But every involved client works with access and/or their MDB Files. In case of a database like MSSQL we work with a suitable agent and on MySQL we only backup the system generated dumpfile. But single Access files are in principle also databases, do these become backuped over the open file agent? Thx & Bye Pronto
  17. Hi Community, for testing about some workarounds to troubleshoot our problems on a solaris client, we should try to run the backup with the newer serverversion 7.5.x, now we are using version 7.0.x. We installed a new windowsserver for the retrospect server component and my question is, how can i connect the new server to an already existing solaris client and in a second step (if we cannot fix the problem) we have to install the latest version of the solaris client. In case of a clientupgrade, my second question is how can we save the current client with all subsystems, for an easy way back to the current status? Bye Pronto
  18. For a working restore of an active directory you need a backup from the systemstate. Normaly this is drive c:\. For a restore you don't need a script, you can initiate this by hand using the recovery option in retrospects console. The wizard will take you through this process, you only have to set the option 'restore system state' (analogous, i have a german version For an authoritativ restore you have to use ntdsutil *before* you reboot the system. Please remember the supported procedere by microsoft for a restore of an active directory: http://technet2.microsoft.com/WindowsServer/en/Library/5d683eeb-e76c-46e9-92f4-fcb2a10f955f1033.mspx Keep attention for an USN rollback, this makes your active directory corrupt, if you have more than one DC. Bye Tom
  19. ola, the next point on the retrospect technical support side, where you selected the link to this forum is called: 'Device Support Information/Database' and will you redirect to this side: http://www.emcinsignia.com/supportupdates/technical/retrospect/device/ maybe this is the list you are searching for ;-) Bye Tom
  20. Hi, the latest stable version of retrospect is imho 6.5. We have a lot of problems with a solaris client in version 7.0 and the windows client in version 7.5 is known by it's slow network troughput. Be carefull... Bye Tom
  21. Hi Community, we tested a desaster recovery from a microsoft based domain controller and printed out the retrospect step by step guide. This paper contains a from microsoft unsupported restore szenario for the active directory database. Retrospect means to roll out the snapshot and *after* this reboot the client in the active directory recovery mode. In contrast microsoft specify the supported way to restore a DC is, *first* to bring it in the AD recovery mode, roll back the snapshot and *before* reboot the machine you have to run ntdsutil in athoritative mode. The workaround discribed in the step by step guide, seems to be the same as you recover a DC from an image, which ends in an USN roll back szenario. In this case the AD is in a broken status. The question is, what do i have to do after rebooting the machine in the AD recovery mode to prevent an USN roll back without running ntdsutil in authoritative restore mode? Thanks for your attention Bye Tom
  22. Hi group, according to retrospect knowledge base, a restore of a SG (storage group) will be automatically placed in the RSG (recovery storage group) but only if the RSG is deleted[1]. According to microsoft knowledge base a restore of a SG in the RSG is only possible if the RSG is still available[2]. The joke is, that the article in [1] reverse to article [2] ;-) Is this a known bug in rertospect? Anyway, on all accounts we are running into trouble during a restore of a SG. In case we work like restrospect, exchange will run into an error and the restore will terminate without any error in restrospect but the logfile keeps the following message: "T-11:MapError: unknown Windows error -". In case we work like exchange (microsoft), retrospect terminates with an error: "-3619 database not found" What is to do? Note: Retrospect Version 7.0 Thank for your attention Bye Tom [1] http://kb.dantz.com/display/2n/index.asp?c=12&cpc=5GSK8V331KGNkyd4x263e7QPl325RA1mX&cid=2&cat=&catURL=&r=7.656497E-02 [2] http://support.microsoft.com/kb/824126/en-us
  23. Hi nate, in our test environment we learned about the 'ntdsutil' utility, the option 'authoritative restore' allowes us to restore a single object (OU, user or something else) or the hole database (ntds.dit). The binding restore procedure from microsoft, demand that the way to restore the AD is: a) bring the DC in the recovery mode roll back your backup from the *system state* (no reboot) c) use ntdsutil with an option you need (authoritative or normal restore) d) reboot your DC This works fine on a W2K3 DC but failed on a W2K DC, for further information please note the other posting in this forum section. But this question in this topic is allready answerd enough ;-) Thanks for your attention Bye Tom
  24. Hi Community, the restore procedure after an autoritative restore of the system state of a W2K DC terminates at the end of the restore, where the Retrospect Helper Service try to conclude the restore, with an error like: "Unable to restore files of Removable Storage Manager, server could not be started" (corresponding translation of a german error message). We allready work through the KB Artikel 235032 [1], but this didn't fix this problem. Can anybody help to fix this problem? [1] http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb%3Bde%3B235032&x=10&y=13 Thanks for your attention Bye Tom
  25. Hi community, i discuss in a newsgroup, the right strategie for a restore of a domain controller (windows based active directory service) and it seems that the correct way to do this is not so trivial. Does retrospect multi server (v7.x) work in this case in a way that is supported from microsoft and are they using the available api's? e.g. is there a possibility to restore a single organisation unit (OU) which was deleted by a mistake? How does it work? And which way is the right one to restore a comlete domaincontroller in a multi domain controller environment (more than one DC)? Bye Tom
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