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  1. Hi Community, since we fixed the VSS errors Event ID 8194 [1] a couple of weeks ago, we are getting in Retrospect log the error message (basically translated): Backup of Writer "NPS VSS Writer" failed, Error -1101 (File/Directory not found) Backup of Component "NPS Database" failed, Error -1101 (File/Directory not found) This behavior occured on a Windows 2008 R2 (domain member) server very short after we fixed that VSS 8194 error and since last week another 2008 R2 server (domain controller) is affected. The event log of the server doesn't show any problems related to the backup task or particular to the NPS error message. Also a backup with the windows onboard tool wbadmin doesn't show this NPS errors. BTW: NPS isn't used in our environment and is neither on the member server nor on the domain controller configured. I noticed this feature first time after I saw it in the Retropect error message. [1] http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/event-id-8194-vss-error Thx & Bye Tom
  2. One day we took notice that our anti virus (Trend Micro) found malware in a disk backup set of one of our file servers. So we think that the Retrospect RDB files are nothing but archiv files which an anti virus tool can take a look inside, like ZIP archives. So our thought is that this maybe can happen also to an Exchange server database stored in an EDB file for example and afterwards it could be possible that the database is corrupt and we run into trouble when restoring such an manipulate database. So we decided that the backup should be as it is and no third party tool should manipulate the backup files. That is our intention... Thx & Bye Tom
  3. Hi Community, what is best practise to exclude Retrospect files for scanning by AntiVirus product? Now we exclude all RBC files (Cataloug) and all RDB files. By default are also LOG files excluded. Is there anything else to exclude? Thx & Bye Tom
  4. Hi Community, in an Exchange 2010 SP3 (w2K8R2SP1) Server we get each time an Exchange DB backup is running a number of times the error event id 6 MSExchange CmdletLogs in the MSExchange Management section. Microsoft means that normally the admin can ignore these messages because generally this is caused by typing errors. But this is not a hand writen command in a power shell but a command invoked from Retrospect. Does anybody know how we get rid of these errors? Thx & Bye Tom
  5. Hi Community, we fixed that problem simply by adding also the LOCAL SERVICE in the permission tab of the component services GUI, in line with the NETWORKSERVICE kb articel. Now there are no VSS errors anymore, what a boon. Thx & Bye Tom
  6. Hi Community, we get on each Windows server (2008 R2 SP1 patch level up to date) the VSS error id 8194 a number of times during a backup task is running[1]. We know the Retrospect knowledge base articel [2] but the settings described in this articel are already adjusted. It seems to be a default setting because we didn't change anything in this dialog, neither during the server setup nor anytime later. Is there another trick or what else could produce this error during backups running? What taken us aback is the fact that we have this event on each server, since Server 2003 without any exeptions. [1] http://media.prontosystems.org/v/bk/vss.png.html [2] http://www.retrospect.com/en/support/kb/event-id-8194-vss-error Thx & Bye Tom
  7. Servus Lennart, yes more than one restore at once won't work because the backup set is busy. The idea with the scheduled tasks is good and maybe the only way to restore more than one snapshot unattended. Now we almost finished the restore of these 11 folders but for the future it is good to know that there is a suboptimal process in our backup workflow. Thx & Bye Tom
  8. Hi Community, we are installing a clone of our fileserver and we restore initial a full backup because rsync isn't that fast. One volume of our backupserver stores more data than we need in a backup and therefor we defined the folders to backup and the outcome of this are single snapshots for each folder we defined. We thought no problem because usually we are restoring only single files and not complete volumes but now we try to restore the complete volume but I'm not able to select all folders, only one folder resp. snapshot seems to be allowed. Did I miss something? Is the way we try to restore a complete volume wrong? Thx & Bye Tom
  9. Ah okay, if I load a tape into the drive the old name of the tape, based on the name of the former backup set, will be identified and if I recreate from tape, a magic hand creates a new backup set also. Now I have to wait until the recreation is finished and than hopefully my archive files will be available on the server. But a another question is coming up. I have also a couple of disk backup sets to move to the new server, how does this works? Copy the disk backup set folder from the filesystem to the new server and recreate the catalog like before with the tapes? ...thanks a lot & Bye Tom
  10. Hi Community, currently we are using Retrospect Multi Server version 8.5.0 and installed a new server on new hardware. The regular tape backup sets will be created on demand but we have a couple of archiv tapes and now the question is how I can move the content of the tapes into the new Retrospect instance? I have the backup sets and catalog files on the old server available. I guess that a simple recreation of the catalog file from the content of the tape wouldn't be enough because I don't have a backup set for this tape content. Is there a smart way to create a new backup set based on a tape content or how it works correctly? Thx & Bye Tom
  11. Hi Community, currently we are using Retrospect Multi Server version 8.5.0 (136) and we have a pretty annoying problem that Retrospect takes an already to a SQL server allocated license for a SQL server instance running on a Microsoft Exchange server. To fix that problem we have to delete the Exchange server client to release the license, allocate the license to the right server and reconfigure the Exchange client. This happens at least once a week, so my question is how I can fix that problem ultimately? Thx in advance & Bye Tom
  12. Okay currently the fileserver stores exactly 1.067.711 files in 238.007 folders with a total size of 2,6 TB. This is the server who would become replaced too. Additionaly there are 4 more servers to backup with a total size of less than a TB, this are databases using the Exchange and SQL server agent or domain controllers. This backups are running independend from the fileserver backup but at the moment these backups are overlaping with the fileserver backup. Thx & Bye Tom
  13. Yes the size and number of files differs from minimum size 4KB up to a gigabyte or more and I guess the total number of files is more than a million. It seems that you backup your data directly on tape? We backup our data on a RAID subsystem and once a week we transfer the disk backup sets to tape up to 6 GB per minute using a LTO 5 tape library. This is pretty fast but not my problem yet. Now we backup data with less than a GB per minute and so far increasing the backup speed up to 1,5 GB per minute would help quite a lot and is better than nothing. The problem is how long I can work with this setup because I have to explain the invest of about 10.000.- Euro for both servers. Thx & Bye Tom
  14. Hi Community, we have to reconfigure our backup strategy because we ran into a couple of troubles with our current setup. We decided to purchase two new servers for file- and backup-server storage. Are there any recommendations available how to size the server hardware for Retrospect Multiserver on Windows connected with 1 GB/s LAN Interface? Currently we have to backup round about 4 TB data for a full backup, running from Saturday to Sunday each weekend and should be completed within by 24 hours. This needs to backup round about 2,8 GB per minute and for Retrospect this is quite a lot. I never saw this transfer rate from server to server using Retrospect but maybe it is possible in some way. 2,8 GB per minute is round about 40 % of a Gigabit LAN (~390 Mbit/s). Possible? Thx & Bye Tom
  15. Hi Lennart, it's an external 12 x SATA HDD RAID 6 subsystem connected via SAS to the host system. The (write back) cache settings on the RAID-subsystem are enabled. The settings on the HBA are currently unknown because thereto we have to reboot the machine but we think the settings on the HBA doesn't have an influence on the way how the RAID subsystem stores it's data. Thanks for your attention & Bye Tom
  16. Hi Community, we are investigating a LAN performance problem with Retrospect Version 8.5.0 (Build 136). Here it seems that something interrupts the LAN transmission periodically (See picture below). We tested the involved hardware and we were able to send data with almost Gigabit performance (~120 MB/s) by using a SMB connection. The screenshot above shows that the protocol used by Retrospect isn't able to send data with more than 25% of Gigabit speed but this would be enough for a while when we can eliminate these weird interruptions. It seems that these interruptions decreases the total backub performance about 50 %. We have to find the reason, is there anyone who have a clue waths going on? Thx & Bye Tom
  17. Servus Robin, it works, yes it works ... thank you very much. Bye Tom
  18. Servus Mayoff, > What version of Retrospect are you using? Because we are working on a restore for a critical network component we are woriking in a virtual testlab with the newest (demo) version 8.2.177. The backup was created with version 8.1. > What steps did you take for the restore process? We installed a new operating system (Windows server 2003 SP2) with a retrospect client coming from version 8.2 and tried a restore of everything. After that we were only able to boot in the DSRM mode because the directory service couldn't start. In DSRM we tried to restore only the system state with the error in the open posting. > What operating system version are you restoring? Windows server 2003 SP2 32 Bit Thx & Bye Tom
  19. Hi Community, we try to restore an old Windows DC but the restore of the NTDS out of the system state failed with the following error: - 25.09.2013 17:27:40: Restoring from SYS-GALAXY-1-2, Snapshot galaxy-1, 07.06.2013 19:00:01 No files need to be restored T-46: VssWBeginRestore: Writer "NTDS" indicated failure of PreRestore, winerr -2147212300, error -3050 Writer "NTDS" failed and could not be restored, error -3050 ( VSS reported an error). Component "ntds" failed and could not be restored, error -3050 ( VSS reported an error). System configuration restored, please reboot the computer. 25.09.2013 17:29:13: 2 execution errors Duration: 00:01:33 (00:00:03 idle/loading/preparing) Does anyone know how we can fix this problem? We do not need the DC itself but we need the Certificate Authority from this server and the service wont start because the system is in DSRM mode but we are only able to boot in DSRM mode as long we cant fix the NTDS problem. Thx & Bye Tom
  20. We backup an Exchange server 2010 SP3 with Retrospect 8.1 and encounter the following errors in the Exchange event log: Event ID: 8194 Source: VSS (this error we get on each server during a backup) Event ID : 403 Source: Storage Group Consistency Check Event ID : 401 Source: Storage Group Consistency Check Event ID: 6 Source: MSExchange CmdletLogs Exchange 2010 (also without SP3) is absolute new for us, so we didn't perform a restore for testing the backup til now. HTH Tom
  21. We noticed a similiar issue a couple of years ago and it follows us til now. We run in a problem with a huge loss of data when we perform a recycle backup set transfer from disk to tape out of a script. If we recycle the tape manualy before we transfer the disk backup set, the transfer completed successfully with the full amount of data. We had a very long period of time contact to the EMC Retrospect support center without any results. Since that we changed the backup server hardware two times but this error remains in force. HTH Tom
  22. We fixed this problem by deleting the Exchange Client in Retrospect, assigning the SQL Server license to the SQL server and add the Exchange server back to Retrospect server. We spoke to Retrospect support and got the answer that this behavior is a bug and should become fixed in one of the next minor release updates... HTH Tom
  23. I've the same problem. In our Retrospect 8.1 Server the Exchange 2010 server is occupying a SQL server license and if I try to release this license from this server nothing happen. The SQL server I want to license is on another client machine. On the Exchange 2010 server a SQL server backup is not necessary. How do I release the SQL Agent license? Thx & Bye Tom
  24. We lost the hope that Retrospect will come back to an efficient application. Since EMC took over the ownership the problems increases more and more without beeing fixed. We had a lot of service calls and not a single one became closed satisfying. And Roxio picked up where EMC had last finished. Until now we were able to deal with all this problems more or less but we are still evaluating Archiware because it should be pritty faster and also the price is in the meantime in a reachable area... Bye Tom
  25. Yes the Backup is scheduled at the same time but I can not ensure that the backup starts each time at the same time and more problematic that the backup finished at a specific time. The database has no mechanism to create a dump by itself but I can stop the service with a batch script and copy the database file to a backup folder and backup only this folder with Retrospect. This should work... Thx & Bye Tom
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