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  1. Retrospect started life as Diskfit, which we were using to back up our huge (40MB) SCSI drives to floppy disks in the mid 80's. If I remember correctly, it was an application written for SuperMac for to back up their hard drives (old age and memory might be a factor in some lack of precision here). It evolved and matured into Retrospect over the years.
  2. Update: Sorted the problem - it seems that the client had turned itself off... something I've seen several times, although it was still reporting itself as 'available' to the console. Turned it on, ran the update - everything updated. Thanks Alan
  3. Hi there I've successfully updated console and engine - feels snappy : ) Trying to update clients to newest version, but when I select destination, and then source client file, the dialogue box disappears, and the client version number in the Summary tab stays the same (6.3.019). It appears that the update is not running. Any assistance? regards Alan
  4. Hello again. This morning I came in - checked the log for the weekend backup and found this... + Recycle backup using P3 Daily Backup at 8/26/2009 7:00 PM (Execution unit 1) > #Script error: no destination Media Sets specified 8/26/2009 7:00:01 PM: Execution incomplete All of the destination drives were present in the media sets tab, but were unchecked...
  5. Robin I'd be happy to give you a debug log if I knew how. Do you have a version of the software with a debug mode you can turn on? I'd happily leave it running so it could log problems that I could send to you. It gives me no pleasure to complain like this. I've relied on Retrospect for decades, and I'd like to have a studly Universal version of the software I could rely on, the way I have with Retrospect through the years. Regards Alan
  6. Hello again This time, my Retro 8 lost contact with the remote client. Re-starting the client made no difference. The only way I could get the app to connect with the client was to remove and re-add it. Because I had a number of Favourites and tags applied to the favourites, this was quite a long winded process. Many of my clients (to whom I recommend Retrospect) have multiple clients, with sub volumes (sorry, favourites) who are placed into groups (sorry, tags). I'm really worried about recommending 8.1 to my client base who are keen to upgrade because of the unreliability I have found with several crucial elements of the software. Please can we have some sort of timeline when these issues are going to be fixed? This is probably a 'how long is a piece of string?' question, but the expectation that a piece of software, once it's been released to the public to buy, should at least be reliable. Backup software that's unreliable exposes me, as a consultant, to all sorts of pressure. Having used and recommended Retrospect going all the way back to the days when it was called DiskFit, and having been pleased with it for over 20 odd years, I'm finding the unreliability of the new version a real problem. Regards Alan
  7. Hi there I've looked, and can't find info on what port numbers need to be opened on a firewall for remote access from the new Remote console to the Remote engine. Any help would be appreciated.
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