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  1. I just want ONE folder from the client back. I would like to restore it to a different volume. I donĀ“t want the whole volume of client to be back to the stand of August 21st, and if I assume right, this is what would happen if I do what you described?!
  2. Hello, I have a quick question as it looks that I am not clever enough to do it. I just want to restore a complete (!) folder from a snapshots. Means, I need the complete folder from August 21th from one client. Not just the changes or anything, the complete folder and everything in it how it was on August 21th... As it is pretty big and a lot of people changed stuff, I can not do it with "find" because than I would have to delete all the double files from different days. Sorry for my poor english, I hope you can figure out what I want ;-) thanks seick
  3. Hey Nate, thanks a lot! seick
  4. Using: Win2000, Retrospect Multi Server 6.5.350, SPECTRA 2000 AIT Drive Hello, I am quite new to Retrospect and I apologise if this is a stupid question... I have the problem, that it seems that one of my tapes is damaged (Tape 12 of 17). If I load it into the drive Retrospect comes up with the message "content unrecognized". As we are doing an incremental backup I would: a: like to know which data is missing and b: I would like to backup the missing data again to a new tape which should appear as tape 12. I hope I described my problem good enough, if you have any further questions just ask. Greetings seick