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  1. >You must run a backup before the Action button becomes enabled. Thanks for the reply. Do you mean that if I install Retrospect at a client's, and want to create several backup sets, I must sit through a full backup on each set first before I can set this Action? - Steve Yates - "Bother!," said Pooh, as he erased his hard disk. / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  2. And it wraps around? Can't imagine how that would only work sometimes. My problem is with things like this: File "C:\Documents and Settings\Steve Yates\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat.LOG": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) ...the filename and error is cut off. Perhaps there's a better way to print the log? The ONLY way I've found is to manually open the log, highlight the portion to print, and then print that selection. Can't believe Retrospect doesn't have a way to do that automatically. - Steve Yates - SET RESTARTOBJECTS=DON'TRESTARTTHEONETHATCRASHED / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  3. One of the technotes references upgrading to this version. I have 5.6.127 which came on the CD. There is no visible posted update online that I can see? How can I obtain this version? http://dbs.dantz.com/faq/FMPro?-db=faq.fp5&-format=record%5fdetail.htm&-lay=web&-recid=42663&-token.0=windows%20xp&-find= - Steve Yates - Engineer (n): Machine for converting coffee into designs. / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  4. When the operations log is printed, it appears to cut off the errors on the right column rather that wrap around? Is there a setting for that, aside from printing in landscape mode? For long path names you can only see part of the directory path, no error message. - Steve Yates - day++; dollar++; / Taglines by Taglinator - www.srtware.com /
  5. I work for a VAR in Illinois (ASCII member), and we are evaluating Retrospect for use both at our location and to recommend to clients, as it supports the OnStream drives we have grown to like. Target usage is for desktops, workgroups, and servers. I have installed 5.6 Server on my Windows XP Pro PC to test and after reading through the manual I have compiled a few questions. I should note so far I have only done one test backup, a partial backup. 1) Selectors - there is no Edit button to view built in selectors, as is described in the manual p. 179? Although the built in selectors seem neat, I would really like to know *specifically* what I am selecting to exclude. [Whoops just figured this one out. It's only visible under the Special tab, not when editing a script. Good thing, since Dantz's definition of "cache" also includes Windows' TEMP folders too! I was referred to p.179 from the scripts section of the manual, and missed that they were different; you have to exit that to jump to the Special tab] 2) backup set properties - no Media Action button as described in the manual p. 155? Or, there is a Media section and Action button but it is disabled on this my first configuration of this backup set. Why is that? Do I need to run an entire backup set to change this option? 3) Is there a way to automatically erase/recycle on a backup set? 4) Is there a way to automatically print the operations log for a backup after each backup? This is an important feature to many of our clients who honestly don't have the skills and/or inclination to jump on the server to print selections of the operations log. I found some clever ways to export logs and convert to HTML, but I couldn't see a way to simply print the log file on each job and if it's not there this seems like a big hole in an otherwise nifty program. 5) File "C:\Documents and Settings\User2\My Documents\private\test.txt": can't write, error -2351 (File is encrypted). I was experimenting with encrypting folders on this PC and stumbled on this error during the restore of this file to a different (FAT32) drive. Is this because it wasn't restored to an NTFS drive? Or does this mean Retrospect really can't restore encrypted files? Thanks, - Steve Yates - A truly wise man never plays leapfrog with a unicorn. / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
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