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  1. I don't suppose anyone knows if my suggestions re: printing the backup logs were implemented in 6.0? - Steve Yates - Where am I? And why am I in this HANDBASKET?? / Taglines by Taglinator /
  2. I do have firmware 1.09, and it is the secondary master. >Does this happen when you try to backup to any other tape? I have no problems backing up to any tape, I back up at 60 MB/s. The slowness is only when verifying. - Steve Yates - A computer's attention span is as long as its power cord. / Taglines by Taglinator /
  3. On my test system the verify process runs very slowly. The backup runs at 60 MB/s but the verify runs in the low single digits, with lots and lots of shoeshining. Why is this? My system is an AMD 1.3 GHz with 512 MB RAM, Windows XP Pro, and an OnStream DI30 drive. - Steve Yates - Who is General Failure and why is he reading my drive? / Taglines by Taglinator /
  4. "Why are my DAT tapes filling up sooner than I expected? ...For typical everyday use, when your tape is full, it may store up to 30% less data than its ideal maximum capacity." I noticed this technote. Does this apply ONLY to DAT tapes, or is it generic to all tapes? - Steve Yates - If trains stop at train stations, what happens at work stations? / Taglines by Taglinator /
  5. Currently the operations log is not word wrapped, at least when the user prints a selection from the log. This makes it impossible to read any errors that are wider than the page, such as under c:\Documents and Settings\User Name\Application Data\Microsoft... well you get the idea. The error message is to the right of the filename, too. Printing the log as plain text as other programs do might alleviate this (most printers will word wrap automatically I believe). The trade off, of course, is the nifty graphics in the log printout. While they do make it easier to read, I would rather see the errors. - Steve Yates - Eagles may fly, but then again weasels aren't sucked into jet engines. / Taglines by Taglinator /
  6. I was disappointed to see that Retrospect has no "print log for the last operation" capability. Currently a user must open the operations log, manually highlight the correct section, and in the File/Print dialog click "Selection" to print just part of the log. - Steve Yates - MAFIA.SYS Not Found -- Program Not Executed. / Taglines by Taglinator /
  7. I was surprised to find that Retrospect cannot automatically print the operation log for a backup job when finishing a backup. Most of our clients don't care to know how to get into the backup software, let alone run the risk of having someone do so on a daily basis. The paper log gives a record of what was backed up (or not backed up) on which day, even if the catalogs are lost. Also it's a quick way to tell if the backup finished properly or if there's a problem. - Steve Yates - I know it all. I just can't remember it all at once! / Taglines by Taglinator /
  8. Randy, There is a subtle difference...my suggestion was to go to the Special tab, Selectors button. There you can duplicate the "selector" (not the script!) and edit it. I spent time trying to edit them in the script edit area also but that's the wrong path to follow. - Steve Yates - What if there were no hypothetical situations? / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  9. I noted the sample script in the online tutorials section. How would this be modified to occasionally do a Recycle backup, to allow for more coverage? Put another way, it looks like this script will do a Normal backup on each day. Eventually the tape fills up and must be recycled (manually?). At that point is it possible to rotate in a different Friday tape set so that one or more can be saved for longer periods? - Steve Yates - Aibohphobia (n.): The fear of palindromes. / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  10. >You must run a backup before the Action button becomes enabled. Thanks for the reply. Do you mean that if I install Retrospect at a client's, and want to create several backup sets, I must sit through a full backup on each set first before I can set this Action? - Steve Yates - "Bother!," said Pooh, as he erased his hard disk. / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  11. And it wraps around? Can't imagine how that would only work sometimes. My problem is with things like this: File "C:\Documents and Settings\Steve Yates\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows\UsrClass.dat.LOG": can't read, error -1020 (sharing violation) ...the filename and error is cut off. Perhaps there's a better way to print the log? The ONLY way I've found is to manually open the log, highlight the portion to print, and then print that selection. Can't believe Retrospect doesn't have a way to do that automatically. - Steve Yates - SET RESTARTOBJECTS=DON'TRESTARTTHEONETHATCRASHED / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  12. Go to Special/Selectors, highlight "all files except cache files" and click the Duplicate button. Then Edit your new "predefined" selector list and add whatever you want. - Steve Yates - If we blew up the moon, would werewolves be cured? / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  13. One of the technotes references upgrading to this version. I have 5.6.127 which came on the CD. There is no visible posted update online that I can see? How can I obtain this version? http://dbs.dantz.com/faq/FMPro?-db=faq.fp5&-format=record%5fdetail.htm&-lay=web&-recid=42663&-token.0=windows%20xp&-find= - Steve Yates - Engineer (n): Machine for converting coffee into designs. / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  14. If having the previous day's tape off site is important, why do you suggest using the same tape(s) the entire week? Dividing the normal and recycle data into two tapes sounds more useful, otherwise if the full backup is near to capacity the user will have to switch tapes and continue backing up during the day...and boy do they dislike seeing those errors about open files. So that would be 10 tapes. - Steve Yates - What do you mean you formatted the cat? / Taglines by Taglinator 2.5 - www.srtware.com /
  15. When the operations log is printed, it appears to cut off the errors on the right column rather that wrap around? Is there a setting for that, aside from printing in landscape mode? For long path names you can only see part of the directory path, no error message. - Steve Yates - day++; dollar++; / Taglines by Taglinator - www.srtware.com /
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