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  1. Nope! Nothing, I figure the installer is crashing but can't find any evidence of that either. I am running the installer from a standard account. Sorry if I'm being a bit harsh and I know this stuff with the current Apple is a real pain. I wanted you to know about my experience so you can avoid loosing other customers over this issue.
  2. I thought I would give Retrospect another try, I used it years ago on an early PPC machine using a tape drive. It was wonderful for years. Saved my data several times. Then sometime after version 6 thing got very unreliable and I moved on. I like a lot of what the current version should be able to do for me and thought I would give it another try. On my Mac Pro (2013) running macOS 10.14.6, the installer, installs a single file /Library/Application Support/Retropect/configs.xml and quits. No app. No login items. No launchd .plists. No console messages. Nothing. I don't have time to debug what should be a VERY reliable app, it is for backups after all. At least failing quick saves me time and I appreciate that at least. I'm sorry to be moving on for good.
  3. I think I understand what you are saying. In the Sources tab of my Proactive Backup script, I have the client in question selected at the top level (only). I assumed that the script would then see that the client only had requested that certain volumes were to be backed up but that is not what happened. All of the volumes were backed up. Currently, I do not have the specific volumes for the client are selected in the script Source tab with a checkbox. I only have a single check at the top level. It seems strange that I would have to select all of the volumes I want backed up in both the Script (and have to click to change the top level check to a "-") so that one volume is ignored. The script just fired off before I could make any changes. I will try making changes at the script level for the next backup. It still seems strange to me that the Client settings are completely ignored. Why even have them? It just makes things confusing.
  4. Is there any chance that the ability to sent email reports will include SSL in the future? I prefer to keep track of backups via email and not having this ability might be a deal breaker for me. The frustrating thing is that I was able to modify the scripts under Retrospect 6.1 and get customized email reports via SSL to work.
  5. I'm testing Retrospect 8.1.622 (demo) using a Mac Pro (Intel) running Mac OS 10.5.8. - I have a Client machine running 10.4.11 (Retrospect Client 6.3.027). - I have added the Client as a "Source" and under "Options" set it to backup "Selected Volumes" and unselected one volume (5 others are selected). - When I use a "Proactive Backup" script, the Client settings under Sources are ignored and the unselected volume was backed up anyway. Why are the Client settings under Sources not being respected by a Proactive Backup?
  6. I am running Retrospect 6.1.138 driver update on a Mac Pro (early 2008) Mac OS 10.5.2. I've noticed that while Retrospect is running, I cannot used the DVD drive (OPTIARC AD-7170A). The eject key does nothing and the device shows as busy under Disk Utility. When I quit Retrospect, the drive works as it should. I don't use the DVD drive for backups. I use external Firewire drives or recently a NAS. The same software on a G4 (iMac) does not completely take control of the DVD drive. I normally run retrospect in the background on it's own user account and forget it's there. It just does it's job. Is there any way to change this behavior on the Mac Pro?
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