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  1. Nope! Nothing, I figure the installer is crashing but can't find any evidence of that either. I am running the installer from a standard account. Sorry if I'm being a bit harsh and I know this stuff with the current Apple is a real pain. I wanted you to know about my experience so you can avoid loosing other customers over this issue.
  2. I thought I would give Retrospect another try, I used it years ago on an early PPC machine using a tape drive. It was wonderful for years. Saved my data several times. Then sometime after version 6 thing got very unreliable and I moved on. I like a lot of what the current version should be able to do for me and thought I would give it another try. On my Mac Pro (2013) running macOS 10.14.6, the installer, installs a single file /Library/Application Support/Retropect/configs.xml and quits. No app. No login items. No launchd .plists. No console messages. Nothing. I don't have time to debug what should be a VERY reliable app, it is for backups after all. At least failing quick saves me time and I appreciate that at least. I'm sorry to be moving on for good.
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