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  1. See similar thread, . Basically, I resolved it by going to Sources, Add, Test, and entering the IP number of the source I could not backup.
  2. Update. It works now. Not exactly sure what I did but went something like this. I clicked on Sources, clicked on the Add button. Clicked Test Address and entered the IP number of the machine I could not back up, ("") and it found it. From then on, it works. I can Browse the sources and backup completed.
  3. I just upgraded to Retrospect 8 for Mac. I can backup local volumes but can't backup remote volumes attached to another Mac. The remote Mac has the latest Client installed and running. It sees the volumes (they appear under Sources) but I can't access the sources. If I click Browse, I get "Accessing source" for a while and then it fails, "Source unavailable." Backup fails, saying: "Can't access backup client KathyMac, error -530 ( backup client not found) 2/13/2010 5:01:19 PM: Execution incomplete" Using Retrospect 8.1 Build 626 on a MacBook Pro with OS X 10.6.2; remote machine is a G4 with OS X 10.4.11 and Retrospect Client 6.3.028.
  4. I have had this issue a couple of times. The following, from Macintouch.com, worked for me: Oct. 5, 2005 Mike Friese Re: Retrospect 5.1.167. I found the workaround for the error "Internal consistency check failed: Assertion check at elem16.c-687" You need to "forget" and reestablish each defective client. Important: Exit Retrospect to save the changes. If Retrospect bombs, the changes will be forgotten. To find defective clients without doing a backup, click on Configure:Clients. Double click a suspect client. Click on the Configure tab. If the client is defective, Retrospect will bomb. I had four faulty clients on my 20 client system. I do not know what caused the problem but here are the changes since last week: -I tried to run two instances of Retrospect -I plugged in a FireWire VXA-1 in addition to my SCSI VXA-2.
  5. I talked to the company that sold me the drive, smalldog.com. While this question is understandably outside their expertise, they did have a number for Retrospect support (not on EMC's website as far as I can tell!). LaCie's support line is 1-503-844-4503; EMC Retrospect support is 866-362-1111. To my surprise (given what I have read here and elsewhere(, EMC was very helpful. The LaCie drives use many internals and the one that is used in the unit I bought (TSST CD/DVDW SH-S162L) is in testing and likely will be supported by the next RDU (Retrospect Driver Update).
  6. I hope someone can help. Retrospect will not work with my new LaCie d2 DVD +/- RW recorder. Details: EMC Retrospect 6.1 with RDU Driver Update Mac OS X 10.4.8 LaCie d2 DVD +/- RW FireWire + USB (connected via FireWire). Ran installer from website "LaCieUpdateTool.dmg" and re-ran and it says "firmware is already at 1.02a". Disks: DVD -R, tried both Verbatim and Memorex brands, same symptoms. Symptoms: - Retrospect does not see the drive at all. If I run their "Configure" operation, it sees the drive. But when Retrospect is about to record, an error comes up: "Device Trouble: error 100 (device rejected command)" - Completely repeatable, happens with both brands of DVD blank. - Using Finder, I can burn a DVD. Any ideas?
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