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  1. Thanks. At this point I'm trying out Carbon Copy Cloner for local backup of my 6 machines ($39 for all of them!), and will continue with Crashplan for cloud backup for the time being. I'm rather liking not having to deal with being dependent on a server that seems to require far too much administration (backup sets getting corrupted, not connecting to clients). Retrospect used to be a no-brainer but it's too problematic for me at this point.
  2. David, has anything come of this since your last post? I found that if I deleted the client from the server, then deleted the client software, then installed new and reattached to the server, it would work for a while. But it never lasted. I've been a Retrospect user since the late 1980s and I'm very frustrated to now have these problems with my relatively simple needs. I started using CrashPlan because I was tired of the -530 errors, and unlike you I didn't have time to really study them. Now, I have to look at yet another solution unless I want to pay a lot more money. I haven't used Retrospect in several months and I don't want to pay for an upgrade unless they have solved this problem.
  3. Thanks. I deleted all of the snapshots, let it groom, and now I'm backing up the server again. I'm good! Not sure if this is new or not, but Retrospect actually asked me if I wanted to groom the backup set after I deleted the snapshots.
  4. Hopw about deletling all of a single client's files from the backup set? Is that possible? Then I would just back up the client again.
  5. We are using v11 for Windows. We accidentally backed up many GB of unnecessary files from a particular server, one of many servers that were backed up. I don't want to just recycle the backup set and start over. I have added the evil directory to the list of items to ignore going forward. But I would like to remove it from the backup in order to save space on the destination. Can I do that and if so, how? I don't want to wait for grooming to age it out.
  6. Well I completely uninstalled everything including anything I could find in the Library other than my catalogs, and reinstalled. I think it's working now. I don't know how to delete this question though...
  7. I just bought the latest Retrospect 11 and upgraded from the latest 10. The console came up and everything worked but it didn't ask for a license. There was an additional update to do. I ran it and now the engine doesn't start so the console sees nothing except "Trying to connect to" Activity monitor shows no retrospect processes running. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling, no go. When I open the Retrospect preference pane, it shows that the engine is not running, but the start button doesn't do anything. What do I do? HELP!
  8. I'm running Retrospect and have a single remote Mac client running the same version. This problem has been going on with earlier versions also though: The server can't communicate ith the client, saying that it's "busy or unavailable." Messing with the client does not help. This happens every few weeks- or at least I notice it every few weeks, since I don't check the backup log every day (I back up every day). I finally discovered that the way to bring it back on line is to re-add it on the server. I don't even have to delete it first. Has anyone else experienced this, and what's the solution?
  9. These issues are completely off-topic from my question.
  10. I did contact support and all they told me was that SPARC isn't supported any more. I responded with the same question I asked here but they didn't deign to answer me. My hope is that someone has figured out a workaround.
  11. We have several SPARC Solaris 8/9 clients. We have had not problem with them through retrospect 7.7. But they don't work anymore with 8. Retrospect failed to let us know that when they were promoting 8 to us. Retrospect does communicate with the solaris client but can't read the file system. When trying to view volumes from the server, I get the error "can't track volumes error -1101 Backups do not happen. Has anyone figured out how to make it work? What's it going to take to get Retrospect to put a few hours into this and make it work?
  12. When is this going to be ready? I am seeing this issue with thousands of files. I have 8.0.0(199). Incidentally, the Check Updates tool keeps opening 2 windows: 1 tells me that 8.0.0 is available, the other says I have the latest version.
  13. Yes I can. I think I'm going to solve it by just deleting the backup set, creating a new one and giving it the max possible. I just did that on the 2nd backup set and was able to give it "100%," which is 931 GB according to retrospect. I still wonder why it says this when the drive has more than that available. Next week I'll replace the other backup set and I should be good to go.
  14. That's what I tried to do. I select the Backup set member, click on the edit icon, and drill down to the backup set "member" (the directory with the name of the backup set member), and tell it to use 100%, which it tells me is 931GB. Then I close the window. But it doesn't move the capacity of the backup set past 714 GB.
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