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  1. Super, that is great to know ! Thanks a lot Austin ! Denis
  2. Hey Folks, I am using Retrospect Pro V7.5.251. I have selected "Stay in Retrospect" from the drop-down in the main window but after every scheduled backup (which goes OK) Retrospect exits. Seems to me I have seen this work on another machine. ANy ideas what I may be doing wrong ? Thanks, Denis
  3. Ugh, after rechecking things I found I was putting it into the wrong directory... Sorry for the time waste and many thanks Denis
  4. Can't get the scripts over to the new machine. I transferred over the config65.dat as called for in the manual but still no scripts. Any idea what I have done wrong (hopefully nothing too stupid !) Thanks, Denis
  5. I can't find a config65.dat that the users guide talks about. I have a config55.dat but copying over that doesn't get back my scripts or selectors. What am I missing ? Denis
  6. I turned off circular logging, then rebooted since it didn't take affect right away (must be a better way...). Here is more of the log: + Executing Immediate Backup at 12/17/2004 5:53 AM To Backup Set Thursday... - 12/17/2004 5:53:01 AM: Copying First Storage Group Exchange Backup/Restore API error: (0xc8000232) - Some log or patch files are missing. File "First Storage Group\?zzz LOG": can't read, error -1004 (Database Backup/Restore error) Anybody ever see this before ? Thanks, Denis
  7. I've scoured the docs/KB and forum and am still a bit confused by the above. It seems to me that one would always want to do a full followed by a log/incremental (just as one does the analog for the non-Exchange portion of the system). Doesn't one always want to control the log file size by doing this ? What is Differential in this context ? I know what it means in the normal file system context. Perhaps these issues are best explained by how each affects backups and restores ? Confused up north, Denis
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