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  1. Found it! Okay, that gives me something to try. Thanks, Marc. Adam
  2. Thank you! I can't find anything comparable for Win98. I've tried changing settings and then searching for *.* modified within the past day--nothing. I could restore the entire computer, but am hoping to avoid that. Any ideas?
  3. Following an unfortunate experience installing some new software, Retrospect has forgotten everything--client licenses, scripts, backup sets, logs. It even prompted me for its license number on startup, just as though it was a new installation. The backup sets are on place on my hard drive, and I've told Retrospect where they are. That was easy enough that I wonder if I can further jog Retrospect's memory--if the list of clients and licenses, the scripts, the logs etc. can be found so that Retrospect remembers them again. Unlike the backup sets, I don't know where to find these files or what they are called or how to tell Retrospect where they are. Can anyone help me? All attempts to do so very much appreciated. I'm running this on a Win98 network. Thanks! Adam
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