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  1. --- Just had to restart the RS Engine --- Have you guys ever gotten that a source is busy and nothing will kick it out of Busy mode?
  2. All the lingo in upgrading from v6 to v16 was kinda confusing at the beginning. But we think we have worked out all the kinks. We where so used to the "Duplicate" function in v6 of just coping files from one source to another source without doing any extra function was causing a lot of confusion. Thanks for all your help guys!
  3. Okay, Thanks. Looks like I have to change my script from Archive to Backup to get that option.
  4. Thanks for those tips. How can I set a Media Set to always “Recycle Media Set” within a certain script? On Page 36 it says it always defaults to incremental. Do I use disk grooming to only keep the most recent backup of this Favorite folder that I need?
  5. No it can't. I just thought with the Backup script you can select multiple Favorites but can't do it with the "Copy" Script. But "Copy" script is kinda useless if it deletes the original file on the source. Oh well.
  6. Thanks. I know I'm jumping from v6 to v16 which is a giant leap. I just liked the way v6 did duplicate. It would copy the files as is and not turn them into RS files and keep the originals in place.
  7. Running Mac v16.1.2 with Windows Client installed on a PC. (coming from v6.1 where the script was called "Duplicate") Have set 3 particular folders as Favorites in sources that I want to do a "Copy" script. Don't want to do a Backup script because I do not want incremental. It will not allow me to select those 3 favorites folders in starting a new Copy script. Don't want to have 3 separate scripts. Should I go to an Archiving Script?
  8. Have upgraded to v16.1.2 and installed the Windows Client on the file server. Working great!
  9. Don't get the "two mounted disk" warning since I unmounted our Xserve RIAD that was set up as the same as the mounted Windows file share. I shut the Xserve RIAD completely down since it is no longer in use. Probably should have done that sooner. Restarted RS machine. Re-ran script and no errors. Thanks for your suggestions. Stay tuned... LOL
  10. I spoke too soon. 😡 From last night And then re-ran this morning and got different error on same files.
  11. Day 2 and not a single error. Not even files with hyphens in it. Excelsior!
  12. LOL. IT showed me the config settings in Acronis. They are pretty open. We switched from an Apple File Server in December of 2019 to Windows File Server do to corporate doings. Errors have showed up since switching. Mac where RS sits gets restarted once a month. I know that they did restart Widows File Sever yesterday because of other problems. Only thing now when I open RS v6.1 is that I get the following screen capture warning. But if my daily log shows no errors each day going forward I'm good. Fingers crossed.
  13. Okay. This one is out of the Twilight Zone. Monday morning I installed RS v16.1. I can only go to v16.1 because it's on Mac OSX Xserve10.6.8. Didn't set up anything in the program just looked around. Our v6.1 backup runs a 8:10 PM EST time. Looked at the Log this morning and not a single error. Not one! No errors on hyphens! (and I did a test .txt. file right before I left for the day). Not one error on file/folder not found! Not one error on unexpected end of file! I looked back at the Log for the multiple files that would error randomly and not backup. This led me to try and Restore those files and guess what? All those files have now been backed-up properly! I all of my 25 years in Prepress I've never seen anything like this! I'm not touching anything on the machine even if v16.1 stays there. Even though it's a trail version. Today is a good day!
  14. Thanks. It seems that the problem is that the shares are being mounted via AFP from a Windows file server with Acronis Files Connect. The can not share out SMB1, for security, on the Widows server hence the need for Acronis Files Connect. And IT says no file policies are restricting the server. Hope someone else will chime in. If not, oh well. Thanks anyway.
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