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  1. I have users who need admin rights to their local machines for various reasons, but who have a tendency to override or turn off the Retrospect client. I'd like a group-policy type option to lock the client settings down. Is this possible and I'm just missing it?
  2. We are getting some conflicting reports, and can't find anything official on the site. We have a client who has an SBS 2003 box, but due to several issues, would prefer to run Retrospect SBS on a different computer, dedicated to backup. So, effectively we would run a separate backup server. We do this a lot with full version products, but at least at one time, Dantz required you to run the SBS product ON the SBS server. So, does anyone have the (current) official word on this? Will it work? thanks, dave
  3. A long process, and one that we found by accident with a similar question, Create the partition on an XP box, but don't format it. Move the drive to a 98 box, and format it as FAT32. Remember, this suggestion may be worth exactly what you're paying for it...
  4. We see the problem primarily on servers, running W2k Server. We are running Retrospect 6.5, current service release, and have seen it occur on previous service releases as well. We are current on our RDU, and have seen the error on every RDU since 6.5 came out. We run Norton Antivirus Corporate Edition 8.x, and have disabled it on the affected machines without any impact. The main servers still having a problem are P3 units, 800-933MHz. One is a Dual Processor. 1gb ECC RAM We back up to rotating IDE hard disks in a removable USB carrier. These are now Disk Backups The problem seems to have settled almost exclusively to two systems, one running MS SQL Server 7.0, and the other running Exchange 2003. We ARE running the appropriate agents against both. If I rebuild the catalog, the next backup is fine. If I don't, 7 out of 10 times it will fail, either in closing or in "updating catalog file". If really want to reproduce it, come to Wichita for a couple of days. We can show it to you, no problem. We'd kind of like to get it fixed, since several of our clients are totally screwed for backup.
  5. Hi Neville, Unfortunately, I have gone back to the old standby, Backup Exec. I had used them for years, but the duplicate file handling in Retrospect provided options that nobody else had (or to my knowledge, still has). It's too bad, because Retrospect has so many good features. Other than Nate's postings here though, there is no indication that Dantz cares at all that the product is unusable for real networks, where backup is important. I guess serious known instability is okay, as long as your marketing keeps you selling product. Says volumes about the company, doesn't it? Even worse, I have clients where we have installed Retrospect who are growing, which means that if they don't have the problem already, they will. I love telling people that I have sold them defective solutions. If you (or anyone) finds a better alternative, please post it. Maybe if they won't fix their own products, at least maybe Dantz can provide us a forum to try to help each other out of this mess. Thanks.
  6. HELLO..... Dantz??????? Is anyone else still having this problem? Or has everyone else just given up? We are a VAR, and have been putting a lot of Retrospect servers in. We have stopped, because Dantz has offered NO help and NO indication that they even recognize there is a problem. We are seeing this often on jobs that use either the Exchange or SQL agents, or just drives with large numbers of files. When the problem occurs, it won't even fail the job and allow others to continue. This means major clients, with major data, are not getting backups. THESE ARE THE KINDS OF SERVERS THAT ARE IMPORTANT TO BACK UP!!!!!!!!!!! I'm about to admit to our clients that we have sold this product to that they are screwed, because I thought this was a good product, and sold it to them. We have kept applying every update faithfully, but NOTHING addresses this problem. Does anybody at Dantz think this is even REMOTELY serious? THIS PRODUCT IS DEFECTIVE!!! ARE YOU GOING TO FIX IT, OR JUST KEEP PRETENDING THERE IS NO PROBLEM? If I'm being too subtle and you can't tell, I'm a bit frustrated. Seriously, if anybody at Dantz or anywhere else has any clue here, PLEASE respond. Thank you.
  7. Just an update here, since applying the new clients, the only server I have had problems with is one using the SQL agent. I do not have the "open files" option selected.
  8. I have applied the new updates to both the server, and the client. No help at all.
  9. Not to seem stupid, but honestly, I couldn't tell you what the "retroeventhandler" is. There These are automated jobs, created using the wizards. I find no option for pre or post job activities, and I have created no scripts manually. If that doesn't answer the question, tell me what to look for, and I'll check. Thanks.
  10. I'm having the same problem, .336 release, multiple sets, multiple source systems, no XP system restore. It is really making the entire backup system worthless. Is anyone having ANY success in resolving this problem?
  11. Is there ANY way at all to work around the 1.8 million file limit? Does Dantz have a fix coming out? We are going through atrocious methods of getting backups manually, because we found out about this problem months ago, and were told Dantz was working on it. Frankly, I'm not seeing anything to indicate any progress anywhere. If the issue alone doesn't state it clearly enough, a server with that many files is an IMPORTANT one to back up. HELP!
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