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  1. OK. I finally was able to backup my iBook HD. However, for what turned out to be a backup set of 24 CDRs, I ended up throwing away about 10 CDR that failed. It seems to me that this is a problem with Retrospect. This increases the time it takes to do a backup by nearly 50% (most of the cdr failed right near the end)!!! Also, I once tried using the "pause" button during a backup and it immediately failed upon hitting "continue". I think something is definately wrong, as many of the failures seemed to have to do with Retrospect operating in the background and then responding to some kind of a mouse click. Usually, if I wasn't doing anything else it would work fine (but not always). It took nearly a week to do the backup, so it is inconceivable that I don't use it in the background. I was also upset by how much processor power it takes up in the background. All my other applications were significantly slower when Retrospect was running. No other program (not even Toast) has this effect on my ibook....
  2. I think I solved the problem. I had been using Staples Branded CD-R media, and I just went out and bought some Maxcell CD-Rs. The first disk worked! Since I had only bought a couple, I will have to go by more to know if it will give me a complete backup, but my guess is that Retrospect is, as you said, simply less tolerant of the media used than Retrospect is. It is interesting that my friend had previously had problems reading some of the CD's I burned with the Staples CD-R, so maybe there were some problems I was unaware of even though my iBook reads the CDs fine. I know that my drive cannot read or write to the blue CDs from Imation that I had been using earlier. ... If I have continued problems with the new Maxcell media I will write back. Thanks for getting back to me on this.
  3. I just registered Retrospect 5, and I am very upset to find that I am getting the following error, even though I am using my built-in iBook drive. (TOSHIBA DVD-ROM SD-R2002 CD-RW/DVD) This drive is supported officially by Dantz. It works fine with Toast. However, every time I try to do a backup I get the following error. I have gone through about four CD-R ... Error: Trouble writing Media "1-Backup Set A" error 206 (drive reported failure: dirty heads, mad media, etc.) Now why would it do that if the drive works fine with Toast and these media? And, to repeat the point, the drive is officially supported ...?
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