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Suggestions needed for Tape Libraries, Windows, and Retrospect.

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I have two questions for everyone:


1.) Does anyone have any experience using a Spectralogic 2k (Tree Frog) automated tape library, or any other automated tape system from Spectralogic, with Dell hardware, Windows 2k/2003 Server, and Retrospect 6.5 multiserver? If so, any information that you could provide about your experiences with such a configuration would be most appreciated.


2.) If you were building a backup solution for Mac clients and had to use MultiServer 6.5 (for multiple concurrent streams) on a Windows server, backing-up to an automated tape library, what kind of configuration would you recommend (for both server hardware and tape library)?


I apologize in advance if these questions have been asked and answered before but I don’t recall seeing any and I could really use your feedback.


Thanks Much!



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