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I'd like to back up my Exchange 2000 database incrementally rather than perform a full backup every night. I've set my Exchange Server options (Retrospect Single Server 6.5, with Open File and MSX Agents) to Differential, but I am a little confused by what I see in my logs after having run a differential.


So, for example, on Monday evening, my server had a full backup of the Exchange database. On Tues. it ran a differential. The Database Backup history correctly reflects that a Full was performed, and then a Differential. However, the Session Contents for the differential reports the *full* size of both my public and private stores, I was expecting to see only maybe 100-200MB for the total size since it should reflect only changes since the Full was performed the prior evening.


The transaction logs also reflects less than what I see in the Exchgsrvr folder on my drive (30MB as opposed to ~100MB as would have been there at the time of backup). Additionally, the Backup Report also shows the *full* size of both stores as having been backed up (which I doubt as execution time for the differential was about 1 min. 30 secs.).


So, I'm not real confident I know exactly what was backed up and if a restore would work.


Lastly, I am a little confused on the issue of Differentials vs. Log/Incremental. Since Differentials don't delete transaction logs, should a Log/Incremental be run immediately after a Differential so that the logs ARE purged?




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