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How about a Free/Open/Net BSD client?

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I know it's a pain to support more clients, but adding a BSD client

(especially OpenBSD for us) would be an enormous plus. I can't imagine

it would take much more than a source-code recompile to port the client

code as it already seems to support Linux and Solaris.


Adding a BSD client (even if completely unofficially supported) would be

a huge plus. We have a bunch of OpenBSD boxes running as firewalls and

FreeBSD web servers here and backing them up via retrospect is a nightmare.


Hell, if Dantz gives me the client source code (under NDA if necessary) I'll do

the port(s) myself. Even better would be a source code release for the clients.

What's the harm in that? I'd think it would be a net plus to have retrospect

support as many clients as possible.





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*signed* !


I agree, too bad to ignore BSD like that.. FreeBSD 4.x may still work under linux emulation, but it no longer works in FreeBSD 5..


If source is a problem, why not to release a binary port ? Others do that, like Adaptec with their RAID administration tool raidutil.

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If you have Samba, you can "back up" your Unix clients to a Windows or Samba share. April's SysAdmin magazine (http://www.samag.com/articles/2005/0504/) has an article describing the "smbbackup" utility, found at http://www.costwareinc.com/freesoftware/.


Yeah, it's not really backup by Retrospect, but it copies your important files to a share that can then be backed up by Retrospect (or any other client, FWIW).



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