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VXA & FW Drives -Must know what will work Before purchasing upgrade

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Currently running OSX 10.28 - Retro Desktop 5.0238 (with lastest RDU)

Planning to upgrade to Panther shortly but don't want to upgrade (to Retro 5.1 or 6 OR Panther) until I'm damn sure my current devices will work...


Have read thru available compatability info and am still confused...



PowerMac G4 Quicksilver, 1.5GB Ram, (with Apple OEM SCSI Cards Adaptec 2930CU mod 1686806-04

and slot5 (fast) ATTO,ExpressPCIProUL3D) - Theres one internal ATA drive and 2 internal SCSI drives connected internally to the cards.


My Backup Drives

(all on my Firewire Ports and are both Firewire 400)

LaCie D2 Firewire Hard Drives (formatted with Apple disk utility)

and Ecrix(Exabyte) VXA-1 FW (with most current Firmware)



Given the set up above...

If I upgrade to Panther - which version of Retro should I use? are these Drives compatible with:

Retro 5x? (running Panther)?

Retro 5.1 (running Jag & Panther?)

Retro 6 (running Jag & Panther?)


Which set up would be most stable -I don't really need to back up my network- but I MUST have access to my Retro backups.


Very Dizzy,

xandra doh.gif

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Since your backup devices are firewire you should be just fine no matter how you do it. If you are nervous about the upgrade, do a test install of Panther on a FW disk and do some backups/restores using the trial version of 6.0.




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