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Red Hat Client Licensing under Retrospect 6.0

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We've only just loaded Retrospect Client 6.0 on our Red Hat Linux computer, and we're faced with a requirement to upgrade our license. When we provide the Single Server License Key, Retrospect declines, and notes we need a more robust license.


This caught us off guard -- We have a Retrospect Single Server license, and we thought this permitted unlimited clients, to include Red Hat Linux computers.


The slick sheets for 6.5 advertise Linux clients for Single Server. Did we miss something?


Apologies in advance for the basic noobie question, and thanks for any information you can provide.

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This is Retrospect 6.5 right?

Retrospect 6.5 lets you use Linux clients with single server. I think Retrospect 6.0 was the same way. In any case make sure to install the 6.5 client from the dantz updates page. It will work with Retrospect 6.0.


If the problems continue contact Dantz customer service.




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