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Error "extoGetTree - cannot instantiate tree object (-833)"

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Windows 2000 running Multiserver 6.0.206, Retrospect Driver Update, version 3.9.106.

Adaptec AHA-2940UW SCSI controller, Quantum ATL Powerstore L200 library (DLT). Firmware, OS and all possible drivers are up to date.


Client in question: WinXP Pro, updated and does not show any problems.


Nightly routine backup log returns errors:

"Error -833 (refnum's controller doesn't support this message)" (dialog box after automatic quit )

"extoGetTree - cannot instantiate tree object for this volume -833"


Other clients did not report errors, I'm running test restores right now. What exactly should I be worrying about?

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I haven't seen this one before.

I would start by uninstalling and reinstalling the client software. If possible I would also uninstall and Reinstall the Network driver on the client.




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