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Unexpectedly Quits before running a script - Error type 1

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Hi, I am trying to cure an OS 9.1 G4 Powermac running Retrospect 5.1.


It Unexpectedly Quits with Error type 1 before running a script even after writing them all and configuring the volumes for backup. Backing up to a 120GB WD HD in a MacPower IceCube USB2/firewire case.

Connected via Firewire - no problems seeing drive and configuring.


Have deleted Retrospect 5 and installed version 5.1 from Retrospect 6 CD to try to cure it - no good. Also trashed prefs and rewrote a script - no good.


Any ideas anyone?




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System Type 1 errors with Retrospect 5.0 can be caused by outdated Logitech mouse drivers under OS 9.


If you are experiencing System Type 1 errors when using Retrospect 5.0 in OS 9 and are using a Logitech mouse, you must update your mouse drivers through the Logitech website.


If this is an ASIP server, see the following link for compatibility information:


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