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unable to backup individual mailboxes

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I have a new SBS2003 server, Retrospect 2003SBS, with the latest drivers & patch installed. I am logging retrospect as the DOMAIN ADMIN and when I attempt to view or select individual mailboxes I get an UNKNOWN error 3404(34xx) unable to login to mailboxes. I looked each account up to view permissions which seem to be correct. Any help?



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Does Retrospect allow you to backup the first storage group or does that report an error also?


When exactly do you get this error, when click on "mailboxes" or when trying to add the mailbox to the volume database? What is the exact text that appears in your operations log?

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here is a copy of the log:

3/25/2004 8:15:05 PM: Copying First Storage Group

3/25/2004 8:35:36 PM: Comparing First Storage Group

3/25/2004 8:51:13 PM: Execution completed successfully

Completed: 3 files, 10.9 GB

Performance: 625.0 MB/minute (541.1 copy, 739.7 compare)

Duration: 00:36:08 (00:00:39 idle/loading/preparing)


3/25/2004 8:51:13 PM: 78 execution errors

Total performance: 588.6 MB/minute

Total duration: 00:50:52 (00:12:23 idle/loading/preparing)

Quit at 3/25/2004 8:52 PM


+ Retrospect version 6.5.343

Launched at 3/26/2004 2:01 PM

+ Retrospect Driver Update, version 4.8.108

TMapiConnectioncryrub.gifTMapiConnection: Unable to use profile, win error 0x81002746

Retrospect error code error -3403 (unknown)

Reported by function mtloUpdateVolumeList

Access to mailboxes from the administrator account has failed.

Try setting up another privileged mailbox account for Retrospect.

This is a known problem with Exchange 5.5 running on Windows 2000.

Quit at 3/26/2004 2:02 PM

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