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"Unknown Windows Error"

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I'm trying to back up a Windows 2000 Server based mail server (running iMail). The backup does run, but I receive a rather strange error in the operations log:



3/16/2004 5:23:15 PM: Copying Drive C (C:) on <server name>

T-36: MapError: unknown Windows error -2,147,023,838

T-36: W2dbIISMetabaseOp: CoCreateInstance failed, winerr -2147023838, error -1001

> Can't back up IIS Metabase, error 32846400 (unknown)

3/16/2004 6:03:53 PM: Snapshot stored, 20.4 MB

3/16/2004 6:04:02 PM: Comparing Drive C (C:) on <server name>

3/16/2004 6:21:05 PM: 1 execution errors

Completed: 13407 files, 2.3 GB, with 48% compression

Performance: 92.9 MB/minute (71.0 copy, 134.2 compare)

Duration: 00:57:40 (00:08:39 idle/loading/preparing)




I'm using open file backup with Retrospect 6.5 (latest build). Any ideas on this one?


Thanks in advance.

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