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Quantum L200 library - h/w failure

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Sorry to return to old thread...




W2k with all updates, Adaptec's 2940UW card with latest drivers, latest ASPI. Multiserver 6.0 updated to latest build before 6.5, RDU is the latest, too. Preferences files are fresh.


After three or so months, I'm back with the same problem - "reported hardware failure while moving tapes". The loader's robotics are stuck. Nor Windows backup s/w shows any problem, neither DLTSage - i.e., the drive itself is fine. I tried also ArcServe on this system - it did not run into a problem.


I'm backing up 3 or so dozens clients, so it takes some time to scan file system, etc. According to the Quantum support, the robitics are optimized for streaming (whatever it might mean). I.e., the library is timing out in the middle.


First run of full backup is pretty big - 500-600 GB for 5 groups of clients, so I can not run dick backup and then archive to tape. I would not trust the data to be saved in files of this size on any disk subsystem, anyway.


Your advice will be greatly appreciated.

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