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Network clients can be seen after bypassing switch...

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I tried all firewall suggestions and used the PortQry tool. PortQry reported that port 497 was listening. Nothing worked even with my firewalls disabled.


It turned out to be my workgroup switch causing the break in communications. I have two devices, a Linksys BEFSR41 and a Linksys EZXS88W workgroup switch. Basically I took the Retrospect 6.5 Pro backup server, any machines with the client installed, removed the Ethernet cables from the EZXS88W and plugged them into the BEFSR41 instead. Bingo - everything worked right away. I can see network clients now. As a further test I replaced the EZXS88W with a hub and Retrospect can still see the clients. Din not work with the EZXS88W in between the Retrospect server and it's clients.


Please understand that all devices always have worked on the EZXS88W (and still do). I did this shuffle just for the Retrospect software to work. I think this is a demonstration of poor software engineering when it will not run through a simple, unmanaged SOHO switch.





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