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Where is the RPM for Retrospect Linux client, work w/ 6.5 Pro ?

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Newbie to Retrospect here. Have managed TSM in large installations, but Retrospect seems better suited (and priced) for SOHO environment at a church. Sizing Retrospect Pro for use with Seagatte NS20 USB tape drive in combination with USB CDRW and Zip media currently somewhat haphazardly used.


There are 4 PCs, backup server (also server for Church Management System) with Win2K, two WinXP clients amd a client PC running the Fedora code, where can I acquire the RPM that I see referenced elsewhere in this forum ?


Will this Linux client will work with Retrospect Pro 6.5 on a Win2K server ? There is also a Mac running Retrospect 4.1 to a AIWA USB NS8 tape that is being phased out and replaced with the Linux PC. In part it is the ease with which backups have been managed on that old Mac with Retrospect that I am interested in moving away from Microo$oft indivdual system backup to Retrospect network backup.


Comments ?


Cheers de Mark @ 7tronics

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The bad news is you need Retrospect Single-server edition or better to backup linux clients. The upside is you get unlimited client licenses with that so you can cover your entire network without having to buy anything else.


Clients are all available for download at the Updates page.





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