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Cross platform interface and Network backup

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Hello all,


I am looking to see if a windows client will interface with an OS X server. If I load a windows client onto a windows 2000 server will my retrospect server see it and be able to back it up? I don't seem to be able to find any docs on if that can happen or not.


If that is possible then I wonder is there any way that any one knows of that I can backup a client to a network server? I.E. A mounted network drive and folder and set that as the destination for a clone or replication?


Please let me know.



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This page covers the clients: Comparison Matrix


Note however that Windows 2000 Server is not listed. While the client may work fine for backing up ordinary files (it does for us!), the Macintosh Retrospect server is not able to backup the full state of the Windows 2000 Server so it is not a solution allowing a Restore of the full system.

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