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What is a "Networked client"?

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I am using the Retrospect 6.5 Pro 30-day trial that came with my Plextor PX-708A DVD+RW drive. So far, it works superbly compared to other much more expensive solutions.


I have a question about network clients. My backup scenario is as follows:


* One Windows 2000 Pro SP3 desktop with the backup device and Retrospect 6.5 Pro (trial) installed


* Three Windows 2000 Pro SP3 computers on my LAN; each has its hard drive shared as a network resource


Question 1) Does the 30-day trial version of Retrospect 6.5 include the Retrospect Client installer? It was not available on the DVD that came with my Plextor drive, which is bundled with a lot of other stuff in addition to Retrospect. Is the Client Installer available if I download the 30-day trial directly from dantz.com?


Question 2) I back up my three networked computers simply by adding their shared drives to my list of volumes to back up. (e.g., \\jeffLaptop\c, \\daphne\c, etc). Why would I need to install Retrospect Client on jeffLaptop and daphne if this already works for me?


Thanks very much!

-Jeff Ishaq

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Clients for Retrospect 6.5 can be dowloaded Here. Professional includes 2 clients that you are welcome to test.


The advantage with the client is it allows you to do a full system restore over the network. It also allows you to handle your network data sources as if they were local -It is pretty slick so I recommend giving it a try.


If you are backing up just data and not the OS using network file sharing is fine too.



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