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Hangs on shutdown

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I am using 6.5 professional on a windows xp system. I've created a script that backs up to a file backup on removable drives. We have four drives that we will cycle once a week. Every monday we start out with a recycle and then incremental onto the same drive for the rest of the week. The script seems fine and has been running for about a week now. However, ever since implementing the script Retrospect ussually hangs on shutdown. The drive with the backup set on it starts to churn and that's it. I've left it literally hours. In order to kill it I have to manually reset the machine. After doing that there is an extra file on the backup drive with a .rfc extension.


I initially started out in 5.1, but upgraded when this problem appeared. Once in 6.5 I recreated the same script and was rewarded with the same result.


I hope someone can help me with this please!




Marc Pelletier

Goldak Exploration

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