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Client Reserved?

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So about once every two weeks I'll get a bunch of clients fail with this error message "Backup Client Resevered" and of course everything stops. I realize the temporary fix to this issue is to just restart both clients, however, each client I backup is a server. I can not shut them down easily at all. What can I do to fix this issue so it does not happen or how do I fix it without restarting both servers?


Thanks in advance for any help,



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Chances are the backup failed halfway through a backup and then tried to backup the same clients again. I would check for updated Network drivers for all of the machines involved as a start.


Waiting 10 minutes or so should be enough for the clients to disconnect themselves. If not you can always shut them off for a short time to manually reset the connection.


Is Retrospect always running or is it set to quit when it finishes the backup? Just in case I would set it to quit.



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