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Couple (more) problems with 6.5.276

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I've had some performance problems on our PCs today, and I found (by chance) that it was Retrospect.


1-I have two tape backup sets 'A' and 'B'. By chance today one backup needed set 'A', and another needed set 'B'. Both these tasks were started at the same time by Retrospect since they required different resources. The 'A' one started working fine, the 'B' one went into a state 'Matching tape set B' or something like that. The server started going REALLY slow, even though the CPU load was only about 10%.


I 'PAUSE'd the task using tape set B and the server suddenly sprang back into life again - so it looks as if the 'B' task was doing something which was slowing things down unnecessarily


2 - I temporarily PAUSEd all the backup tasks to make the server as fast as possible to catch up on some other work it hadn't been able to do because of the problem in (1) above. Then I noticed that the retrospect CLIENTs for paused tasks were working at about 98% CPU load! If I restarted the tasks it dropped to about 3-4%, then repaused the task, back to 98-99%. I guess the client is going into a fast polling loop trying to talk to the server or something, but whatever it's doing, it's not nice - I'd expect it to use more CPU when actually working than when not doing ... ooo.gif



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