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Client on RedHat 6.x does not respond

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Hello, everybody!


The configuration: Multiserver 6.0 running on W2000 machine, client 6.0 installed on RedHat 6.x a couple of months ago. User hospitably opened port 497 for me in iptables. Run and tested without any problem.


A month ago, her station got cracked. She rebuilt it from scratch, opened the needed port in firewall, I logged as root and reinstalled the client. However, the client does not respond at all. Does not show in the Retrospect's Network browser, does not respond to direct IP calls from Retrospect. From Retrospect's server, pings, tracert - 1 hop, same subnet - everything is fine and healthy.


After the machine got cracked once, user might be hesitant to give me mess with it too much, given the fact that my Linux knowledge is limited yet.


Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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You could test out the firewall from your end. You can either use a portscanner, or just telnet, if she has a real firewall setup you should only be able to connect to a few select ports. So try going to a cmd prompt, and doing 'telnet <host> 450 (if there is nothing on port 450), if she has that firewalled off it will just sit there saying 'connecting to <hostname>' and then eventually it will give you a 'Could not connect to host on port 450: Connect failed' message. So then you can try the same thing, but use 497, if the client is running, and the port is unfirewalled telnet will go in and you'll just have a flashing cursor, you wont see anything you type and nothing will really happen. Hit 'Control ]' and then type 'quit'. The port scanner might be easier, but if she was just cracked, it might trigger some defense mechanisms and automagically firewall you off (some people setup stuff like this because they're paranoid).


If you can connect via telnet or a portscanner sees it as open, have her run retrocpl and show you the output, also a netstat -nap on that system would help, and iptables -n -L. Make sure the firewall rules are messing with port 497 tcp/udp in bad ways, and make sure the client is running and shows up in netstat as LISTENING for tcp (it wont say listening for udp, but it will still show it running and bound to port 497).


Hope that helps.




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