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How to improve performance?

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Until a few daze ago, I had only BackUp MyPC v4.85 (BUMP), which I used to backup to a SCSI tape drive (Seagate Travan 4). System is Win 2000 SP3 with 384MB of memory.


All hard drives are SCSI on the wide bus of an Adaptec 2940UW, tape drive and CD-ROM are on the narrow bus.


This past week, I obtained, among other things, Retrospect Pro v6.5, Adaptec USB 2.0 card, and 2 Maxtor 5000LE USB external drives. Violating my SCSI religion, I also added an ATAPI Plextor CD-RW, so I can create bootable CD-ROM for Retrospect with Nero.


I've been doing full backups to one of the USB drives with both Retrospect and BUMP to compare speed and compression.


Yesterday, using Retrospect Pro, I ran a full backup of all the hard drives to a file backup set

on a USB drive. Took 6:22:25 (hh:mm:ss). The Compare was disappointingly slow, as it took longer than the backup. I've never seen a compare run slower than a backup.


That's a heck of a lot better than the 15-16 hours it took with tapes using BackUp MyPC, not to mention the annoyance of having to change tapes during the copy and the verify. And no more relying on the silly archive bit.


Last night/today, I did a full backup to the same USB drive using BUMP.


Total time (backup and compare) was only 3:25:10, usually took 15-16 hours with tape. Verify took a great deal less time than the Backup.


Makes BUMP appear to be almost twice as fast as Retrospect, however, this may be comparing apples and oranges:


1. I'm not yet familiar enough with Retrospect to know whether I'm

selecting analogous, or the best, options.


What options should I use?


The USB drive is NTFS, should I enable NTFS compression?

Should I use software compression?


2. Retrospect uses a much more complex structure, so a comparison is not so straightforward.


Any comments?


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