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-1028 client behind linksys router/firewall

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Mac OS 9.x running Retrospect Backup v 5.0.238


Win 98 client with static ip address behind linksys router with tcp and udp ports 497 open and forwarded to


The linksys router is in different subnet than the mac backup server


From the mac backup server I can "see" the windows client but it is shown as not logged in and when I try to log in I get -1028 client not found.


If I try to add the client by giving explicit ip address of the router then retrospect complains of multiple activator codes and lists the windows client in the log with it's 192.168 address as well as the router address


I've got this identical setup working with another linksys router with a windows 2000 client. Does anyone know if this is something about win98 and retrospect? The client on win98 is 5.6.


Both linksys routers are setup identically, the win2000 box works, win98 does not.

I've also tried putting the win98 box in the routers dmz with no success

thanks for any help

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