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Can't access Snapshot, error -108 (not enough memory)

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We run Retro Server 5.0238 from OS 10.2.6 workstation with 384mb backing up about 50 clients to an external firewire drive. For the most part everything works very well, but 2 related issues are causing me headaches.


For one specific process I have 13 backup scripts that run nightly without problem. I have corresponding restore scripts that run first thing in the morning to place these backups on an OS 10.2.6 server for use in the central office.


1. In the log in the morning several of the restores report "Can't access Snapshot, error -108 (not enough memory)". Some do not gererate this error, and the ones that do are not the same scripts or even the same number of scripts each night. I then go to these scripts, and each one with the error will have the snapshot deselected, so I reselect, save the script, and run it again manually without problem. The next morning the problem returns.


2. These restore scripts are set to "replace corresponding files" which works O.K., but after the restore, the permissions are changed on the target folders, making them unusable on my network until I manually reset the permissions.


Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. My boss is not happy!


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