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6.0 to 6.5

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Hi Mark,


AmyC had already told me that autoloaders aren't affected by this issue, although in your example yes, tape 5 with a new magazine will probably sit and wait for a proceed button.


We don't have an autoloader, nor does it say in any documentation that autoloaders work differently than single drives in this regard.


Thanks for your feedback though, it's nice to know someone's interested

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What are your talking about with your multi-tape recycle issue? I have multiple tape backups and recycle them every 6 weeks... I have never had an issue where the backup job sits and waits for me to hit proceed. Am I misunderstanding you? What is your config and backup type... possibly there is some other work around...


Oh yeah... I have been burned by Dantz's version upgrades a couple times already... Seems like the upgrades are getting more frequent and more costly over the years. I think I'll wait, until I find some real reason to upgrade...



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