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How to UN install linux/mac client

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I am having problems with a Mac system X client for Retrospect and want to uninstall the client and start over.

In particular, I want to assign a new password.

I deleted all the files in the /Application/Retrospect Client directory and re-ran the install.

But when I started the client again it didnot ask for a password.

This makes me think that there is a /etc or /var file left on the system

somewhere with password and other configuration details.

What to I have to delete to get a clean slate for new client intstall?


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Guest psykoyiko

The best way to uninstall the Retrospect Client is to uninstall, reboot the machine, and reinstall the client. If it is still not asking you for a password using this method, try deleting the retroclient.state file in /Library/Preferences.

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