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Automated Backups leave dead process, dead retrospect

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This problem existed in 5.6 (there's a forum thread on it) and persists in 6.0; and it's a show stopper for the multiserver product.



1) Setup a script to run over the weekend

2) Come in on Monday and term serv in to the server

3) There's a restrospect.exe running that can not be killed.

4) Retrospect says, "Only one user at a time can run Retrospect".


Retrospect is setup to quit (not reboot) once the backups finish.


This is a MAJOR problem Dantz. The Retrospect tool should say "Retrospect is already in use, would you like to kill the other process and run locally?" or something to that affect in the very least. Ultimately it should not be leaving that process hanging around.


This issue completely stops my ability to use this product as the backups are running on a server that "can not reboot", which means I can't get into Retrospect.

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